Game Of The Year 2013: Community Voting Opens

TSA’s annual Game of the Year celebrations are about to kick off, but before we start revealing our winners in each GotY category tomorrow, which the editorial staff and regular contributors have been voting for, we though we’d get in early and give you a chance to start voting. After all, community involvement is a huge part of TSA.

As with last year, the categories are same as the ones we’ve been using for the staff vote, and we’ve tried as hard as we can to include all of the games that made a mark on TSA this year, sometimes awkwardly fitting them into categories that you may disagree with, but ones which must exist for the presentation of the feature to work.

There are ten categories in total, ranging from Sports to Action Adventure epics and everything in between, with around 100 games to choose from in the final overall Game of the Year vote.

You may notice some omissions, such as handheld. That’s because we feel that handheld games have advanced enough to be considered aside the home console games, and to prevent duplication of titles as we had last year. That means we’ve stuck to one category – the defining genre(s), usually – for each game, rather than having multiples across categories. This should make the voting system fairer.

We’ve still got a separate Mobile category, so that those smaller games don’t feel oddly juxtaposed with epic titles such as The Last of Us, and we’ve added in one dedicated to Independent Developers, so those games get their time to shine and don’t get lost alongside titles which are usually much more expensive.

So, go ahead and use the form below to vote, and we’ll have a round-up of your results on New Year’s Eve. If you think we’ve missed anything, then we can only apologise, but we have tried to fairly represent every game worth consideration. We hope you enjoy joining in on the celebrations!

Update: Voting has now closed. Results will be posted soon!



  1. Awesome list :D It pains me I couldn’t vote for Tearaway, but Super Mario 3D just pips it for me, played a ton this weekend and its just so good.

  2. All done. Wish there was some sort of ordering on the games though.

  3. So difficult!

    My best game of 2013 was so tight between GTA and Last Of Us. The ways they are each great are so different. GTA is so much fun and so varied while TLOU is so well written, immersive and tense.


    • That was precisely my problem, picking between TLOU & GTA V. But then I’ve also got the factor that they’ve both got great stories whereas I haven’t even touched the single player campaign of BF4 but I’ll probably be playing that on-line non-stop for at least a year from now so I could argue that’s my game of the year.

    • So wish I’d have had a PS3 for TLOU :(
      Damn you backward compatibility why do you mock me so?! Hopefully this one will come to streaming at some point, I’d love to play it.

  4. Done. Had to do a few ‘no votes’ to be fair as some categories only had one game in which I’ve played.

    • I’ve had to ‘no vote’ on most of them because the only new game I bought this year was GTAV.
      Cheapskate you see ;)

      GTAV was brilliant tho.

      • Maybe you should request ‘Game of the Year for Cheapskates 2013’, it would be easy to do, they could just use the list from Game of the Year 2012 ;)

  5. It has been all about Tearaway for me :) Such a fun game!

  6. Wanted to vote for beyond somewhere but it’s always up against last of us.

    • Also no splinter cell blacklist anywhere

  7. I’m disappointed Dishonored didn’t make the list.

    • Dishonored was released in 2012 wasn’t it?

  8. Disappointed to see no Fire Emblem Awakening or Persona 4 Golden in any of the categories as they were two of my best games of 2013. Other than those two, it has been a really good year for top games – Bioshock, The Last of Us, Beyond, Tomb Raider and Pokemon X&Y all have been fantastic games :D

  9. The first 4 or 5 were very straight forward. Then didn’t vote for a couple and then finally the big one. Down to 2 games for me. Sat there for a good 3 to 4 minutes deciding before finally going for The Last of Us. Really special moments in that game that even a masterpiece like GTA can’t replicate.

  10. I couldn’t decide between Tomb Raider and Last of Us for the Action Adventure category until I saw Zelda: A Link between Worlds. Easy descission! :D
    GOTY for me.
    Currently playing through Bravely Default, which is absolutely amazing but Ni No Kuni had the edge over it due to the even greater art style. BD is beautiful too, though…

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