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GameStop Italia Claim Watch Dogs For Wii U Is Cancelled

It’s no secret that Nintendo have been having a rough time of it, with the Wii U doing particularly poorly and failing to build the big install base it needs. This sluggish console launch could be coming back to haunt Nintendo yet again, as Wiitalia, a delightfully named Italian Wii website, has posted rumour that Watch Dogs for Wii U has been cancelled by Ubisoft.

This rumour came through one of their readers who was contacted by his regular GameStop store and informed that his Watch Dogs Wii U order was being cancelled. The GameStop employee went on to say that this was because Ubisoft were cancelling the game for Wii U, something which further GameStop Italia stores corroborated to both the tipster and Wiitalia.

Additionally, the online store for GameStop Italia has no entry for the Wii U version of the game, which would back up this rumour. However, the rest of GameStop’s regional stores seem to be unaffected and you can currently pre-order Watch Dogs on Wii U in the UK, Germany, Spain, Ireland and the US, just as before.

Whether GameStop Italia merely jumped the gun or if they simply got their wires crossed, this could be big news for Nintendo. Losing Watch Dogs would point to a wider loss of support from Ubisoft for the Wii U, when they have been one of the more dedicated publishers to back the console, and this would simply heap further pressure on Nintendo.

Source: Wiitalia, via NeoGAF


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  2. It could point to a delay for wii u version given they have had issues getting the game out the door. It seems very late in the development cycle to be cancelling.

    • It’s never to late, I’m sure Ubi will be looking at the logistics and if even in its finished state it will cost more to press, print and ship it then they would make back in sales it will be for the chop. Wii U just isn’t third party friendly anymore sadly.

      • yer full of shit put that armchair logistic’s up yer ass

        if you go to uplay shop you will see only the other editions are not coming out.

        the standard is still up for sale even on ubisoft….

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  3. More importantly – when will it be out for the PS4…?

  4. Yes, when is the PS4 version coming out? If GTAV does indeed get a next gen release by say…the summer, it could cost Watchdogs on the sales front. I for one would probably put my £40 down on a known smash hit with next-gen polish, rather than an unknown risk. Ubisoft for me are very hit or miss, for every Assassin’s Creed epic game there’s some poor titles too…..

  5. At this late stage of development, surely a delay is more likely than a cancellation?

    The game should be complete, or close to it, by now. If for whatever reason the Wii U is proving harder to code for than the 360 or PS3, then maybe that version is getting a delay?

    Assuming the rumour is true, that is.

    • It is close to release, but I guess they have to look at potential sales and release costs.

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