inFamous: Second Son Won’t Feature Multiplayer, New Power Details Teased

Although an official Sony site suggested that inFamous: Second Son would feature a multiplayer component, brand development director Ken Schramm confirmed that this was not true when interviewed during the Taiwanese Taipei Game Show.

That’s not to say it won’t include online features – he also teased that Delsin will meet partners during the story, which points to something akin to Dark Souls’ online system, but there’s no traditional multiplayer in the game.


A few more details were shared in the Q&A, including that the game’s open structure meaning that quests can be completed outside of the main story without time limits, though that choosing between good or evil will lose certain situations. That doesn’t sound too different from how the first two games worked.

While they remain tight-lipped about new superpowers, these will interact with the environment heavily, perhaps in similar ways to Cole’s electricity, but Delsin won’t be able to utilise multiple elements at the same time, with a meter restricting players from switching between these.

So, what do you think? Would you have enjoyed multiplayer, or was even the likes of inFamous 2’s user generated content too much for you?



  1. This is a good step to take I say. Sometimes UGC just doesn’t work. Most of it end’s up being trophy abuse (LBP levels. About 90% are just “X trophys in Y seconds” etc) even Infamous 2 saw it to an extent.

    I’m not saying it shouldn’t be in LBP, as the genuine effort put into some of that stuff is absurd and has even resulted in a few jobs with Media Molecule; but games like Infamous where it’s just a tacked on gimmick, especially with a trophy linked to it and you just end up with effortless messes of people just doing it because they need a trophy. I know I was guilty of this in Infamous and everyone else I talked too did the same. It wasn’t powerfull enough to do anything impressive with, but since we were encouraged to use the component (forced even) everything was just rubbish.
    Taking Devs off pointless things like this and dedicating more effort to the actuall game is always a good thing in my book.

    Another good example is GTA. The race/DM creator although still in beta is far to weak to get my interest, and the only ones R* seem to be verifying are either tributes to RDR/GTA4 or races with HUGE jumps in. Pointless, easy, simple. I’d rather they used those Devs to create more regular missions or even help sort out the online issues quicker.

    It almost seems like a good way of cutting the effort and increasing hype or just sounding better. Infamous had thousands of online levels! LBP has millions! Hundreds of new missions are created daily for GTA online!… yeah but just remember 99% of it is shite.

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