inFamous: Second Son Won’t Feature Multiplayer, New Power Details Teased

Although an official Sony site suggested that inFamous: Second Son would feature a multiplayer component, brand development director Ken Schramm confirmed that this was not true when interviewed during the Taiwanese Taipei Game Show.

That’s not to say it won’t include online features – he also teased that Delsin will meet partners during the story, which points to something akin to Dark Souls’ online system, but there’s no traditional multiplayer in the game.


A few more details were shared in the Q&A, including that the game’s open structure meaning that quests can be completed outside of the main story without time limits, though that choosing between good or evil will lose certain situations. That doesn’t sound too different from how the first two games worked.

While they remain tight-lipped about new superpowers, these will interact with the environment heavily, perhaps in similar ways to Cole’s electricity, but Delsin won’t be able to utilise multiple elements at the same time, with a meter restricting players from switching between these.

So, what do you think? Would you have enjoyed multiplayer, or was even the likes of inFamous 2’s user generated content too much for you?



  1. Delsin will only be able to use the last power that he drained.

  2. I’m more than happy for them to focus on the single player content. Maybe they could make a challenge mode with an online leaderboard but apart from that, online for this game doesn’t interest me.

  3. I never played any of 2’s user generated missions as they had nothing to do with the story. I think they were quite popular with some players though…

    As for powers, there’s neon, and smoke, which I don’t how’s drained.

  4. Not bothered about the lack of MP. Infamous doesn’t really lend itself as a MP game. Sounds like the usual 2 playthroughs for the trophy collectors.
    I’m hoping the side missions don’t become too repetitive like the previous 2.
    And please for the sake of my sanity 100 shards max, although I won’t hold my breath.

  5. Multiplayer really doesn’t bother me with this title. Its going to be all about the exploring, collectables and the story for me. I like the way that developers aren’t feeling the need to include some sort of bolt on multiplayer addition to game for the sake of it. Like the new Aliens game.

    Really looking forward to March with Titanfall and Second Son – going to be great!

  6. Good. No MP on games like this is always a plus. I could live without the UGC we saw inFamous 2 also.

  7. “inFamous: Second Son Won’t Feature Multiplayer”

    Good. *rings desk bell* Next!

  8. Quite happy at this announcement. While a Dead Rising style co-op might be interesting. Online is normally a shoe horned death match or something equally crap.

    I’d be happy for them to drop the user content too. The stuff you were enforced to play in order to get the platinum was generally awful.

  9. I hope the infamous series always remains single player, any attempt at multiplayer would just direct resources away from the core experience. I think sucker punch has the confidence to do what is best for the title, rather than what is expected of them. I didn’t use the UGC feature at all, so I couldn’t care less about it really.

  10. It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if it had multiplayer – i just wouldn’t play it! :)

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