PS1 And PS2 Games May Come To PS4 In HD Via Emulation

While PlayStation Now will be utilised for playing PS3 games on your PS4, PS Vita, television or even tablet device, it seems as though PS1 and PS2 games will be coming to the PS4, although with a much more conventional approach to emulation.

In a similar way to how the PS3 was able to play certain downloadable versions of PS1 and PS2 games, the PS4 will be able to use its much more powerful architecture to prevent from the blurry, upscaled look of the games, instead bringing native HD resolutions to the games for the first time, without the need for an HD (re)makeover.


This will bring similar benefits to unofficial PC emulation, where games look sharp, and may also allow for higher resolution versions of textures to be used without any reworking of those textures, as we’ve seen with HD remakes last generation.

There’s nothing to say that these games won’t also come to PlayStation Now, but this seems like a very good method for running PS1 and PS2 games, though it doesn’t seem likely that you’ll be able to use your currently own discs and will have to fork out once again for the titles.

Which games would you like to see emulated on PS4?

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Honestly?, Every Playstation 1 + 2 game ever made is what it should do, and I mean all of them including the unnecessary region locked ones, even the ones that were iffy and badly coded. It’s way past time the stupid ownership of certain playstation titles be abolished, if it was released on playstation – then it should be part of the full sony rich history/library of games whether a sony company made it or not. It’s the digital age – so lets get to it

  2. Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, OBVIOUSLY!!

    • I second this. Twice.

    • I wholeheartedly agree many many times over.

      A few others I’d love to see are Dark Cloud and Dragon Quest VIII.

    • I’ll second my own opinion.

  3. SSX Tricky for me. Hopefully we’ll get a big announcement sooner rather than later.

  4. so just like the PS2 games now, they’ll be emulated, but they won’t let you use the discs you already own.

    if you want to play them the only option they’ll give is to buy them again.

    just because they can.

  5. Hogs of War. I’d love to hear Rik Mayalls childish yet humorous commentary.

    • Holy s**t! I’d never heard of that before, but when I told my mate to buy a PS4, he said only if they bring out Hogs of War… he’s never shut up about the god dam game since! Make it so Sony!

      • It really was a fantastic game. Essentially just a 3D rip of Worms except with Pigs, but it was the humour that made it fantastic

  6. MediEvil and Maximo.
    Actually, just give me Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver.

  7. If I won’t be able to play my disc based games, then they can GTFO with their “emulation”.

  8. SSX Tricky, Burnout 2-4, Black!


    Did I mention Black?
    Black should be back.
    The old Black is the new Black etc.

    • Also, all the point’n’click games – the Broken Sword games, The Discworld games, The Syberia games, Glass Rose…

  9. I don’t care as long as I can use my already bought PS1 and PS2 games on PS4 :D

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