WeView: The Stanley Parable

I think I’ve finally managed to get every ending – well, aside from the ridiculous four hour baby game one – available in The Stanley Parable. Excellently, I found each to be better than the last, with charm and hilarity present throughout.

It’s really great, and as I’ve said that dozens of times already, has some smart twists, off-beat storytelling and lots of choice throughout the game. There’s even some brilliant non-euclidean level design which I found to be superb.


In fact, I’m finding it quite strange writing about the game from a first person viewpoint, considering the title’s use of third person narration as you – Stanley – explore the desolate and empty offices with surprises around every corner. I wrote about it before too, singing its praises:

To say I’m enamoured with The Stanley Parable would be an understatement. This is a perfect game, as smart as it is hilarious (and there’s a whole load of hilarity) which is unlike anything we’ve ever seen since the release of the first Portal. It’s like Portal in a way, but it is that and so much more than that. It’s an evolution of storytelling for the medium, and a game absolutely worth your time and money.

So, we’d like to hear what you think of the game in the comments below, but also let us know your favourite ending while you’re there (preferably without spoiling it). Personally, I’d say mine was the hilarious Broom Closet “ending”, the blue door, or maybe even the second phone one. You know, where that happens… although, that statement could apply to many endings.

Don’t forget to add a rating on the end of your comment too, and since it’s a PC only game we’ll use the Buy It, Sale It or Avoid It system this week. Would you recommend people pay full price, wait for a discount or just avoid it altogether? Let us know by Sunday evening to be in with the chance of being included in next week’s verdict round-up.



  1. What is this? What console is it

    • Was on PC only, very low graphically so should run on most systems within the last 5 years. Available on Steam and well worth buying.

  2. Buy it 10 times. Best game of last year.

  3. Buy It.

    Very hard to say why without ruining it- this is an experience as much as it is a game.

    So trust me, buy it, and don’t watch videos of people playing it, the joy is in discovery.

  4. Likely to ever come out on PS4?

  5. The trailer has me hooked, buying it!

  6. The demo had me hooked and as soon as I had finished that I bought the full game. It is worth giving the demo a go first to make sure you like the humour.

    The reason that this game draws you in so well is because it feels as if the game reacts to everything you do. The narration is brilliant, and at some times, manages to draw you in and dupe you into thinking you know what is going on, only to reveal that you don’t. As colmshan1990 says above, hard to give detail without ruining it, but it is well worth the money.

    Brilliant game, BUY IT!

    • Now I wish I had actually read the voting options…
      I bought this when it was on sale for about a fiver or so. I’m not sure if I would pay £10 for it, but at £5 it was an easy decision.

  7. Going by earlier comments, it looks like I’m going to be in the minority here, but while I enjoyed it, I got bored after an hour or so. The reason for that is most likely because I played the original Half Life 2 mod over and over again, so when this came along it felt too familiar.

    The premise is great and it plays on video game tropes very well, but its ultimately a one-trick pony, even if the one trick is shown in different ways.

    I would say SALE IT. Its good, but its not worth the tenner its asking for. Especially if you’ve already played the free HL2 mod.

  8. I’m definitely in the ‘video games aren’t art’ boat, and think all the artsy fartsy games like Journey are pointless and more boring than watching paint dry, however I loved playing Stanley, it’s one of the funniest games I’ve played (almost in the same league as the Portal games). The humour is great but it’s the whole experience that really counts.

    I’d probably say Sale It as it’s fairly short and may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

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