Laughing Jackal Is Heating Things Up With Flame Over On Vita

Laughing Jackal has revealed the first full details for their next game called Flame Over, and it’s a fire fighting roguelike. This game will have randomly generated levels, permadeath, and dynamic fires that will spread through levels while players will try to extinguish them through the efforts of the game’s protagonist Blaze Carruthers. The game itself takes place in London building belonging to a company called Infernal Industries, containing four zones that will each have different environments and ways for the fire to react to it.

The basics of the game will have players using a thermometer, extinguishers and other gear to hunt down the flames. By completing levels and rescuing trapped people, as well as cats, you’ll be able to purchase upgrades. Flame Over marks this as Laughing Jackal’s first foray into 3D and action games, as well as the developer’s first game to be built in Unity. There are some screens too, though the developer has stated that these are missing some of the polish of the final product. There’s no set release date but a late 2014 time is likely.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Looks good! I`ll ‘ave a bit of this. Bloody growing backlog!!!!

  2. Roguelike eh? Expect to see a lot of the “Flame Over” screen?

  3. Could be a fun little title.

  4. Hey guys,

    Glad to hear you think Flame Over is looking good – it’s something a bit more original and a huge step up for us in terms of project scope. :)

    There’s still tons to add to the game, but we couldn’t resist breaking cover to show what we have so far. Hope you’ll stay following our progress!

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