Second Ghosts DLC Trailered Before Launch

Call of Duty: Ghosts’ second expansion is almost here. “Devastation” will be touching down on April 3rd for both the Xbox One and 360 with other platforms to follow in May.

Developer Infinity Ward has released a new trailer, showcasing exactly what players will get when the DLC drops on Thursday.

For £12 you can expect pretty much the same as in Ghosts’ first expansion, Onslaught. One new weapon and four new maps, including Ruins, Behemoth, Unearthed, and Collision, will all feature alongside a new chapter in the game’s “Extinction” co-op mode.

Dubbed “Mayday”, this extension to the popular online mode will see four players fend off an alien invasion while traversing the innards of battle cruiser. Expect the same frantic brand of shooter action with a healthy dose of sea monster scares.

Speaking of scares, did you notice Predator’s cameo at the end? Strange, yes, but awesome all the same.


  1. New extinction looks good! Just watched without audio, is the Predator part of Mayday? The setting looked more like the first multiplayer map, rather than the cruiser in Mayday. Those plant/turrets look pretty nasty and those force field electric walls look like good fun. This game is really taking sleep deprivation to new levels for me!

    • After your message yesterday I tried to join your game but I guess you had 4 players. I managed to escape having done all of the challenges solo, however turns out I must have messed up the final challenge on the last hive. Either you can’t use traps for the “don’t use any abilities” challenge, or I forgot and put armour down in a panic. Silly really as I had 2 revives in the bank – would have been better off using one of those!! :(

      • Shame, was playing with Norris, JC and Dunky til 2am. Was 4am on Thursday!

        We did all challenges and Norris is at 100% now. All went a bit pear shaped tho when Dunky put 5 relics on!

        Tomorrow or Thursday? I bought my wife the most awesome present for mum’s day. I can get away with a bit more for the next couple of weeks ;)

      • Btw you can use traps on ‘don’t use abilities’ so must have been armour

      • Lucky Norris, I’m rather jealous lol! ;) Yeah, should be able to do both of those if that’s cool?

        Good work – my gaming time increased about 50% when my wife bought herself an iPad a while back!!

        Yeah, must have been the armour. Was about 11pm so I think it was more of an automatic reaction as my health was low. And I had done the Leaper, SMG and Shotgun challenges!! :(

  2. Actually really excited for this – mostly the Extinction DLC, but that SMG/AR hybrid weapon looks decent too, as do some of the multiplayer maps.

    Odd to see the Venom-X weapon in Multiplayer though.

    I guess the Predator cameo is much like the Michael Myers one. I’m usually against this kind of tackiness but it’s actually pretty fun and it’s only in a selected map of the DLC.

  3. Almost wish I had a xbox, almost

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