A Closer Look At CoD Ghosts’ New Extinction DLC

Ghosts’ second DLC bundle “Devastation” will be dropping this Friday. Along with a new weapon and four multiplayer maps, the game’s Zombies-like “Extinction” mode will also see new areas to explore and enemies to fight.


Titled “Mayday” the DLC scenario takes place on a battle cruiser overrun by a horde of alien invaders. Presumably it’s up to you and your squad to tackle the outbreak, using a variety of weapons and strategically placed hazards as waves become harder to overcome.

Mayday also promises what appears to be a boss encounter with the Kraken, a huge scale encounter the likes of which have never been seen in a Call of Duty game.

For me, the new chapter brings back memories of 2008’s Resistance 2. One of the sequel’s earliest stages saw players fight back against the Chimera as they ploughed through a cruiser and into the ravaged city of Chicago, only to be attacked by a mutated creature also referred to as the Kraken. Good times.


  1. This new extinction update looks like it could easily be a new game all by itself. I wonder whether the game will live up to the trailer.

  2. This mode is bloody brilliant, and truly (whilst a lot of games attempt and sometimes fail) rewards co-operative play and teamwork, even with randoms online. It’s the first mode in a long time that has just made me cast aside trophy hunting and keep playing for the pure enjoyment.

    Sharing a tense Boss-Fight with 3 others is also pretty cool – particularly when you know failure will set you back about 60-90 minutes of gameplay.

    I’ve also made a lot of PSN friends due to this too and look forward to the sociable side of it too.

    Thanks to McProley, AddictedAndy and a random from Madrid (“Cobra”), I restored my 100% trophies last night! Can’t wait until May for this DLC! :)

  3. Couldn’t have said it better. This looks sick and I cannot wait for May!

    Might be on again tonight mate if you are? Deffo tomorrow tho from 7:30

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