Amy Hennig Joins Visceral Games As Creative Director For Star Wars

A month ago news came out that Amy Hennig had left Naughty Dog after ten years, where she had been both a director and writer for the Uncharted series. Now EA has decided to employ Amy and place her as Creative Director for the Visceral Games’ Star Wars project, of which we know very little. The announcement was made by Visceral’s VP Steve Papoutsis earlier today.

“Over the last few weeks, Amy and I have spent a lot of time talking about what her first project would be. There are a lot of different directions we could have gone, but I could sense that what really excited her about this opportunity (because let’s face it, we weren’t the only ones knocking at her door) was Star Wars.  Amy’s a huge fan. We happen to be making a Star Wars game. Just thinking about the possibilities made both of us even more excited about having her join the team.”

I’m personally still hoping beyond hope that Star Wars 1313 is still a thing, even though the trademark was terminated, because that with Amy Hennig’s talent could be a masterpiece by itself. I’d hazard a guess though and say we won’t be seeing or hearing anything until E3.

Source: EA



  1. I hope Star Wars 1313 is still in the works. Hopefully the terminated trademark just means the name has changed. I don’t see much hope though. Congratulations to Amy Hennig.

    • I think you’re right, ‘1313’ sounds a bit crap to me and not very Star Wars-ey. I think it’ll be back, there’s a new film due out soon so surely EA have to be pressing ahead with this and Battlefront 3!

  2. I wonder if Amy was poached for a very decent salary and an obvious crack at the Star Wars whip. One hell of a thing to have on your CV if you turnaround a franchise and make it a real barnstormer of a title.

  3. This better be a Fett title as the header image suggests or I’m suing for Flagrant Fanboy Baiting…

  4. Maybe Star Wars 1313 is still being developed or maybe not. But a writer of this quality to join a Star Wars game development is a huge thing. This is good. Good for us. We need that quality SW game that we always dreamed of. Dancing and racing games are fun and they sell some units but we need that big, adventure game.
    The Force Unleashed was a good game. But it didn’t step into greatness. I love the SW games because in them you get to see the full power of a Force-wielder, the movies sort of downplayed this part. But in the games you are a force of nature.

  5. Glad about this. I think she will make a great Star Wars game. She can write a good scoundrel character like Nathan drake. I’m hoping for a good Han Solo adventure set before episode 4.

    I’m also glad she didn’t go to Microsoft or Nintendo.

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