PSN Network Maintenance On Monday 21st, Yep, That’s Easter Monday

Do you think anyone in Sony owns a calendar? I work for a business that has offices across the globe and we always check for local holidays before planning ahead, for example I am fully aware that it is Vesak Day across certain Asian territories on May 15th. I also know that most of Asia and the United States will have a holiday on Good Friday, 18th April, but they are back to work on Monday 21st.

Us lucky Brits also get that day off, as do others in Europe, but apparently no one in Sony gives a flying fig about that because the PSN is getting 12 hours of network maintenance on Monday 21st/Tuesday 22nd April between 16:00 and 04:00 BST.

Online gameplay will be available to users who have  signed into their SEN account 24 hours before the downtime but with it being a bank holiday weekend- and by the looks of things, a warm one – chances are you may have other plans on Sunday.

The U.K. gets eight bank holidays, the U.S. gets ten and this year Japan gets twenty one and yet the PSN maintenance is scheduled for one of the few days we get off. It also makes a mockery of the PSN Easter sale as you won’t be able to buy anything Easter Monday.

This is ridiculous and needs to stop, now.

UPDATE: The tweet has been removed but I kept a screen grab, maybe someone at Sony is listening.


Source: Twitter


  1. Is it like a memorial to 2011 when psn got hacked? And Sony said we don’t know why psn is down then later admitted they had shut psn down. I hope those who bought playstation plus get some kind of compensation. Recently Xbox live went down for a few hours and those affected got a weeks worth of Xbox live gold.

  2. Wouldn’t a sunny bank holiday be the ideal time? I imagine this should bother me, but maintenance happens….

  3. Technically in the UK you get 104 days off for weekends and that’s before bank holidays and Christmas. Then most people have two weeks holiday.

  4. #dealwithit.

    Oh… wrong console.

    • If I recall, that comment was also to do with the ‘always online’ debacle as well… Which this is quite the opposite! ;)

  5. So I make a valid point but it’s a shallow reply? Really? Either way take care

  6. depending on where the psn servers are located the times make sense

    • They are located in Japan.

    • in this case, it’s not so much the time, but the date.

      • if the servers are in japan then it would be 1am local time.

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