News Snatch: GRID 3, Amazon 3D Phone & Vita TV Remote Play

You were expecting Tuffcub, I know, but he’s away visiting the Easter Bear (I thought it was a bunny?) and our backend was getting clogged up (ooerr!) with bite-sized news bits, so I couldn’t resist taking a crack at his snatch, so to speak.

Yeah, so I think I’ve got the tone just about right… sorry, Gran, if you’re reading.

Hello Snatchlings!

First up, we’ve got a very exciting announcement of an announcement trailer. In fact, it’s so exciting that we’re all very excited about the announcement. We don’t care about the game, which is probably GRID 3, but that announcement? Can’t wait.

Codies have also teased a cockpit view. Tuffcub would make a crude joke out of this, but I’m just not into that.

Amazon are going the way of Nintendo. No, that doesn’t mean they’re releasing an arguably underpowered console and sort of fading away into the background despite dominating last generation, but they’re focusing on glasses-free 3D for their new Amaz-phone.


Imagine that! 3D! On a phone! I bet it’s nice. It might be alright for gaming, though it will be interesting to see how app developers outside of Amazonians themselves use it.

Pop-up books?

GOOGLEDRONES. In this week’s instalment of Drone News Weekly, TSA’s now regular column focusing on all things drones, Google have bought a fleet of drones. Make of that what you will, I won’t drone on about it.

What’s more exciting than an announcement of an announcement? Literally nothing, but the fact that the PSP versions of Silent Hill Origins and Silent Hill Shattered Memories are going to be available for Vita is pretty close.

They’re not even upscaled, or remakes, or with trophies. Just literal PSP games on your Vita.

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.

And we’re back. You’re listening to the smooth sounds of News Snatch on 80.45FM. We are a radio station now, a written one.

This is a bit of a strange one, as Bungie’s composer for the Halo series has been laid off, seemingly without cause.

Bungie issued a statement to Eurogamer, in which they said:

At Bungie we don’t take that kind of thing lightly. We don’t make those decisions lightly. We’re a team that’s committed to making an amazing game set in an amazing universe.

Nobody’s really speaking about what it was that went on, so we’ve no idea why Marty was let go. We do know that his music will still be in Destiny, though.

My flatmate decided to watch something with Snoop Dogg (nee. Lion) on Netflix in the final days of my dissertation the other week. It was an interesting experience, and I felt quite buzzed after watching it due to the amount of funny cigarettes being smoked on screen. My dissertation took a weird turn at that point.

Anyway, I’m eager to get another Snoop fix, and what better way to do it than listen to his sultry tones in the new Call of Duty Ghosts DLC?

Oh my god, this is the worst thing ever: “I think the writers did a good job on creating the lines for me specifically for me” says Snoop, before explaining how he “put a little Snoopism” on such phrases such as “Don’t stop, cap ’em ‘n’ shank ’em.”

12 million PS4s will be sold by the end of the year, according to an analyst based in Tokyo, Hideki Yasuda. That seems like quite an underestimate, considering that it’s only April and the system has managed 7 million sales since its November release.

PS Vita TV will receive an update alongside the PS4 1.7 firmware, which will add Remote Play functionality. That should be great for in the bedroom, or when you’re away on a business trip. Let’s just hope they bring it to our shores at some point!

And finally… I have to put a video here, don’t I? Hang on, let me find something decent…

Okay, here is the Metal Gear Solid V trailer recreated in GTA V. It’s the best I could come up with. Thanks, bye.


  1. Nice news snatch! Can’t wait for those PSP Silent Hill games. I never got to play either of them when I had a PSP.

    I hope GRID 3 is a bit more like the first one. I enjoyed GRID 2’s Multiplayer, but the single player was lacklustre compared to GRID 1.

  2. Looks like TC has some ‘snatch’ competition? Nicely done :)

  3. Google now have drones?. Just waiting for them to change their name to Cyberdyne and the system to become self aware. They’ll soon be sending that T101 back through time looking for Sarah Connor.


  5. Fantastic news! Been waiting for the psv tv to get mote functionality. I guess it may go with me to Australia after all! Just needs the DS4 patch now so that more games can become playable! Can’t wait to play TkX on a big screen :)

  6. LG released a glasses free 3D handset 2 or 3 years ago and it never caught on then. Might be more popular in Japan where I think Sharp still use 3D screens.

    The main problem I have with it is that it make viewing very inconvenient as you have to consciously find the proper viewing angle all the time.

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