News Snatch: GameSpy Server Shutdowns, Watch Dogs Multiplayer, And Another World

Greetings my dear Snatchlings, join me once more for… oh, cut the intro, exciting news everyone! Amiga classic Another World may be coming to PS4, and pretty much every other console as well.


Another World is the story of a young scientist hurtled through space and time by a nuclear experiment that goes wrong. You assume the role of Lester Knight Chaykin who has to dodge, outwit, and overcome the host of alien monsters and deadly earthquakes that plague the alien landscape he finds himself within.

Retrogame studio DotEmu released an iOS and Android version a few years back and the game also saw a PC re-release in 2010. Now the German USK ratings board had a listing for the game for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One and Wii U.

The game is 16-bit classic and if it comes to PS Vita I will be one very happy Cub.

Winning this week’s award for tardiness is Kick-Ass 2 which is coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in May.

Putty Squad is now available as cross-buy promotion for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 for a limited time, £19.99 gets you both versions of the rebooted 16-bit platformer.

Lords of the Fallen lands on PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year and the frame rate “definitely won’t be below 30fps.”

“I think if we have to choose between resolution and framerate, we’ll probably choose to go full HD 1080p and have a stable, rock-solid 30fps, rather than try to lower the resolution and push it to 60fps,” said CI Games Executive Producer, Tomasz Gop. “We believe this game looks pretty good, so we’d rather have a decent resolution to show it off.”

Excellent news then, 1080p for everyone and 30fps for everyone. I mean, surely there cannot be another game running on a lower resolution on Xbox One. Talk to me Tomasz, tell us it is not so.

“We’re working very hard right now to deliver PS4 and Xbox One in 1080p, but I can’t confirm whether it’s possible. It’s probably easier for me to confirm it’ll happen for PlayStation 4, because it appears on this one we’re almost nailing it and pretty much there. For Xbox One though, it’s slightly tougher and we’re still working on it, so I can’t confirm that yet.”

Ubisoft have revealed some sales figures for their franchises, Assassin’s Creed is the top seller but you may be suprised by just how many copies of the games have been shifted.

  • Assassin’s Creed: 73 million
  • Just Dance: 48 million
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: 30 million
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: 26 million
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: 25 million
  • Petz: 24 million
  • Rayman: 25 million
  • Imagine: 21 million
  • Prince of Persia: 20 million
  • Driver: 19 million
  • Far Cry: 18 million
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids: 14 million
  • The Settlers: 10 million
  • The Experience: 9 million
  • Anno: 5 million

Ubisoft Reflections engineer Drew James tweeted the pic above and then quickly deleted it, in fact his entire account has been removed.

There are rumours of a new Prince of Persia game using the Ubiart system which has previously powered the recent Rayman games.

War of the Vikings has come out of Steam early access and now has a full release.

“Someday there will probably be a Guacamelee! 2, I imagine. I don’t know when, but it’ll probably happen,” says Drinkbox Studios designer Chris McQuinn.

PC MMORPG Black Desert Online may be heading to consoles, “Yes, we have interest in converting Black Desert into console platform,” said Pearl Abyss COO Jaemin Youn.

“In addition, we had got already an initial meeting with Sony and MS. However, it is very early to mention the possibility of conversion at this stage, because we are carefully study the technical and business issue. To summarize, we are very initial study phase at this time.”

The Xbox One finally launches in Japan on September 4, according to Gematsu. I bet they can’t wait.
Early PC footage (ignore what the video is titled, it’s not from a PS4 build) from Sony’s zombie MMO, H1Z1.

GameSpy’s online servers, used by many games and multiple publishers, will be shut down at the end of May leaving a huge number of games without multiplayer.

2K have announced a couple of games may – I repeat may – move to new servers.

Starting May 31, Borderlands PS3 and Civilization Revolution PS3 will also go offline as a result of GameSpy Technology’s online service termination. We are currently investigating the technical feasibility of transitioning those titles. Again, players will not experience interruptions to offline play for these titles. We will provide updates as they become available.

The following PC games will move to Steamworks for online play:

  • Borderlands 
  • Civilization III
  • Civilization III: Conquests
  • Civilization III: Play the World
  • Civilization IV
  • Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword
  • Civilization IV: Colonization
  • Civilization IV: Warlords

EA have also confirmed Battlefield 2, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 2142 will also move to new servers but there are hundreds of older games that use Gamespy. If you have any favourites I suggest you boot them up and look for the Gamespy logo when the game starts, if you do see it, your game may not work for much longer, Crysis 1 and 2 are two of the high profile games that will lose online functions.

This trailer is created from in-game footage of next-gen racer, Project Cars.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 runs at 1080p on PS4, and runs at 0p on Xbox One having been pulled from release completely.

You may not have noticed the update to the Beyond: Two Souls PS4 story, Guillaume de Fondaumière, Co-CEO of Quantic Dream, has retweeted two tweets, one asking if Beyond: Two Souls was coming to PS4 and the other asking if Heavy Rain would be also be coming to next-gen.

Watch Dogs Animation Director, Colin Graham, has said the Xbox One version of Watch Dogs is “absolutely identical” to the PS4 version. “On the assets side where we work, they’re absolutely identical,” he added.

Well, yes, I would assume they were, I would expect the assets for every multiplatform game to be identical, why on earth is that headline news across the interwebs today?

Stay tuned for more late breaking news including: Xbox One and PS4 controllers “have buttons in different places” and “We will make any old crap in to a click baiting headline”.

We also have a video of multiplayer action taken from the PS4 version of Watch Dogs. Look at those lovely identical assets. Mmmm.

This is the Abyss Odyssey Features Trailer 2. Look at it.

And Finally, I have been told this is funny, can’t see it myself but apperently it is and it is for the new adventure modre forSoulcalibur Unbreakable Soul.


  1. Liking the 0p comment Lol

  2. Are the Assassin’s Creed sales that good, really? Seeing as there are quiet a few games and on a lot of platforms including mobile.

    Great to see there may be a Guacamelee! 2!!

  3. Surprised at how high the AC sales are, but considering how many games there’s been it’s hardly surprising. It’s definitely one of my favourite IP’s from the last generation.

    Good to see Rainbow Six up there too, hopefully it will remind Ubisoft about the franchise they seem to have forgotten about!

    • Yup, with any luck there’ll be some R6 news at E3! I will be disappointed if there isn’t…

      Project Cars is looking better all the time too!

  4. I will miss playing Dawn of War online. Shame they turned the sequel into “Company of Heroes: Future Edition”

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