PlayStation Store Update: 21/05/14 – Transistor, Wolfenstein & Drakengard 3

As we well into the second half of May, we’re seeing a handful of quite big hitters arriving on PlayStation. For many, Supergiant Games’ Transistor will be leading the charge this week, with the wonderful indie game that I gave a 9/10 yesterday coming as a PlayStation 4 console exclusive for £14.99/€18.99.


Also out this week is Wolfenstein: The New Order, with MachineGames taking you on an alternate history trip to the 1960s, with BJ off on another Nazi killing spree. It’s received some mixed reviews, while our own Peter gave it a 7/10, but if the mixture of new and old sounds good to you, it’s out as of yesterday on PS3 for £39.99/€59.99 and PS4 for £49.99/€69.99.

Rounding things out for the PS4 this week is the match-three puzzler Sparkle 2, which Aran gave a 7/10 this morning. You can grab it as a Cross-Buy title for PS4/Vita for £5.99/€6.99.

This week is also notable for both Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack receiving permanent price drops from £52.99/€59.99 down to £34.99/€39.99. Lumines for PS Vita and Rust Buccaneers on PS3 also drop to lower price points, while Strider at £7.29/€8.99, FIFA 14 (Vita) at £14.99/€19.99 and Master Reboot for £5.99/€7.49 become the Deals of the Week.

Speaking of the Vita, the EU is now in line to see its release of Borderlands 2 on Vita, bringing the popular shooter to the handheld with only a few compromises along the way to get it to fit.

Update: Oops. Turns out Borderlands 2 is out on Vita next week!

The PS3 gets a few new titles too, with a leaning towards Japanese RPGs. Drakengard 3 arrives on the console today for £39.99/ €49.99, with an odd pre-order for tomorrow with the Japanese language pack bundled in, or as a digital Collector’s Edition for £59.99/€69.99. You’ll also be able to grab the translated release of Mugen Souls Z later this week alongside its retail release, with Jim’s review coming in a couple of hours to let you know whether you should splash £39.99/€49.99 on the game.

There’s also R-Type Dimensions flying onto the store for £7.99/€9.99 and R&C: A Crack in Time brings a belated digital release for one of the best R&C games of recent times for £10.99/€14.99.

That seems to be the most noteworthy stuff out this week, but as per usual I’ll return to this post once the EU PS Blog has gone live and update anything that is missing, whether it’s links, prices for releases later in the week or whole games!

Update: Added prices, details on price drops and DotW, and corrected to note lack of Borderlands 2 Vita PSN release.

Source: PS StoreEU PS Blog



  1. Hmm, doesn’t sound like there are any PS+ discounts this week. Was hoping there would be one for Transistor.

  2. R TYPE!! Wheee!

  3. Noteworthy stuff! (See Frank)

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    • I guess she ate too many biscuits?

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  5. Crack in Time is a lovely game but store released 2014, seriously?

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