Rumour: Halo Related Project Was Being Filmed In Belfast Today, Codenamed Sepia (Updated)

Most of this is unverified at the moment but an acquaintance of mine who lives in Belfast apparently stumbled across a film shoot for a project related to Halo today, codenamed Sepia. Then a little while ago some footage appeared online, filmed by Youtube user Jayster, showing some some kind of shot being filmed for something. A person dressed all in black holding a gun in his right hand, being followed by a cameraman and a person with boom mic, was running across a bridge. Still, it could be an action shot for any project.


However this could be related to one of two Halo features currently in development , one the Steven Spielberg Halo series and the other something Ridley Scott’s production company is involved with. After a bit of googling I found that apparently the majority of Ridley Scott’s project will be filmed in Iceland and in parts of Ireland too.

As I said all unverified at the minute but could be a glimpse of something big.

Source: Youtube/IcelandReview/An acquaintance of mine


After some searching it appears the name was confirmed by Aidan Elliot of Generator Entertainment a couple of weeks back, though Microsoft themselves still haven’t given an official name.

“We plan to film Sepia [a large-scale feature based on the Xbox game Halo] in the Titanic Museum in Belfast, a brand new museum complex. In London it would be unthinkable. Because of the size of Northern Ireland and the political willpower, we’re able to make it work.”

This fits with the footage from earlier today which was filmed in the same location.

Source: Screendaily


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  1. I just want a big budget halo film of similar quality to the live action adverts.

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