SHAREfactory Will Be Getting An Update Soon, Includes New Themes & Music

A new update for SHAREfactory will be released soon by Sony with the news coming from Stuart Platt, a senior producer at the company. The new update will include two new themes, as well as two additional music tracks. There will be new editing tricks as well such as fade in and fade out for music. A picture detailing the updates was tweeted by Stuart earlier today.



If you’ve been using the SHAREfactory application then I’m sure some of these changes and additions will be welcome, and will allow for even more creative pieces being published online. I’m still to get the hang of the app myself, and once this update goes live it may be the perfect time to do so.

Source: Twitter



  1. Haven’t used Share Factory much but the more features the better.

  2. Soccer? What the heck is ‘soccer’?!

    • Thats American for Football. Yeah, we dont know that word either, so dont feel bad.

    • I also take the piss out of Americans for calling it soccer but it’s pretty dumb since its an English word and we used it here as slang for football for decades. Only really feel out of fashion in the last 50 years or so.

  3. I haven’t dabbled yet. I wish Deadly Premonition was on PS4 though. I’ve love to put together some videos from that!

  4. These are some good additions. I’ll be putting together some videos when I’m home.

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