Toad Becomes The Hero In Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Nintendo have taken one of their most beloved side-kicks and given him his own game.  Mushroom hero Toad will appear on Wii U this Christmas in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.


The game looks to take inspiration from Super Mario Galaxy which featured minigame levels that featured the diminutive hero.  Gameplay looks to centre around puzzle solving on both 2D and 3D planes, all the while in search of treasure.

It looks like a fun Nintendo game, though how it will play out as a full title will be interesting.  It seems perfectly suited to being a smaller eShop title. Either way it’d definitely going to be worth keeping an eye on.


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  1. Those Captain Toad levels in 3D World were a lot of fun, and I’ve been hoping they’d make it it’s own game.

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