12 Minutes Of PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars

Freedom Wars was, from what I gather, a surprise hit at E3.  This new trailer is in Japanese but gives a good impression of what the game is like.


It’s, well, it’s Japanese isn’t it? Big monsters, very odd costumes, frantic battling, strangely androgynous characters and weapons so large they dwarf the characters. It is also mightily impressive, check out the giant dragon near the end of the video.

Source: YouTube



  1. so basically what you are saying is that the vita has become an rpg machine?
    thats all that seeems to come out for it nowadays..

    • Yeah, that was pretty much the message from E3. A JRPG/Indie machine. Still liking Freedom Wars though, as it looks a bit like God Eater with some nice fancy Vita graphics. I think even a solid JRPG would boost the Vita somewhat. After all there was a lot of commotion over FF Zero coming to Vita, and then we all found out it wasn’t, but if it was, it would’ve been awesome.

  2. This looks like it could be really good.

  3. RPG/Indie + Ports/Visual Novel/RemotePlay/PSNow machine… So to honest a fairly rounded range lacking only AAA stuff?

  4. Thinking selfishly (though I doubt i’m the only one) I couldn’t care less about all of these JRPGs that are taking over the Vita.

    With no obvious let up in the focus I’m not sure what they’re aiming for in the western market, I love my Vita but jesus come on Sony!
    I just re-bought Killzone just to have something AAA to play (on my 2 nd play through of borderlands 2 though)

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