Xbox One July Update Brings Snap Mode For Achievements, Digital Bundle Support

Coming in as a quick reveal on the green carpet, right before Microsoft’s press conference, the forthcoming Achievements snap mode was quite an interesting new feature.


Essentially, you can have your achievements on screen at all times, and see your progress in real-time. This leads into the ability to searching for tutorials instantly, and seems like a brilliant feature for those going for top Gamerscore.

It’s going to be a part of the July update for Xbox One, alongside new controller and UI features including double tap to open Snap Centre, where you can adjust what’s snapped without leaving the game.

They’re also working on making it easier for publishers to put up digital bundles or compilation discs, which could see them putting multiple games on one disc at a lower combines price, something which became quite common towards the end of the last generation.

Oh, and you can like Game DVR clips now too.

Source: Xbox Wire



  1. You have to hand it to Microsoft, they are really doing an excellent job with these UI updates. Wish Sony would pull their finger out and work on theirs as its pretty lacklustre right now.

    • It’s a matter of time until ms overtake Sony at this rate.

      • Overtake them at what may I ask?

      • In terms of functionality and user experience. Eventually it should effect sales.

      • Being able to snap achievements and adding digital bundles won’t be affecting sales. I think having superior hardware and still being slightly cheaper is more of a deciding factor to be honest.

      • @ Yiddo, stop being such a Sony defender. The PS4 UI is shite and needs some serious upgrades along with other sorely missing features the PS3, and heck, even the first Xbox had: MP3 playback. With such powerful hardware and intelligent architecture, you’d think they could get basic functionality working half a year post-launch.

  2. As much as a loyal Sony and Playstation chappy I am, I have to admit that the achievement snap thing looks like a really useful feature.

    On my PS4 I have to switch to the menus, scroll over to the trophies, wait for trophies to synchronize, then scroll through to the game I’m interested in, select it and then scroll down to the desired trophy. Not exactly snappy (pun well intended).

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