What We Played #161: EVE Valkyrie, Splatoon & Destiny

It’s 9PM on Thursday evening as I start writing this and England have just kicked off the second half, 1-0 down against Suarez & Co. For what it’s worth, my money’s on an early plane home.

Dan’s not thinking of a plane home, more like a bus or train I guess and he’s not got gaming on his mind either:

Well I’ve played absolutely nothing this week! This week has been spent on daily field courses and has seen fantastic weather for sampling rivers, grasslands and sand dunes. Although I’ve made the typical British error and forgotten to apply sun cream, resulting in me looking like a lobster after today’s adventure.

Off for a hike in the Brecon Beacons tomorrow, which is always lovely, and hoping to walk under a waterfall (which will soothe my sunburn haha). Once this week is over I think it will be back to slogging my way through Watch Dogs.

Another of our wayward travellers, albeit one who has recently made it home is Peter. He and the others who were doing their level best to do to America’s burrito population what the early white settlers did to its bison are still writing up some previews for you to read so expect more E3 ‘news’ to continue trickling out for a while.


He does want to give a shout out to EVE Valkyrie, CCP’s Oculus Rift-compatible space combat dogfighter. “it was amazing”, says the always understated Peter, “so good that I’m seriously considering buying the Rift dev kit so I can play with VR and cover bits and pieces on TSA.” We’ll see if his missus buys that excuse…

I also played Splatoon on Wii U, just to pick something as different as possible! It’s a great way for Nintendo to approach a squad based shooter in a family friendly way and it played really well. It’s nice to have that squid changing mechanic that reloads your ink and allows for some great traversal around the maps.

And in case you’ve forgotten, he did beat Blair at Smash Bros. Tuffcub hasn’t to my knowledge done that but in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week you’ll know that he has been playing the Destiny Alpha. And “a tiny bit of Killzone Shadow Fall“.

On his PlayStation Vita he’s been playing Guacamelee!, restarted Gravity Rush having failed to finish it first time around and played more of the “underrated gem” that is Sonic & Chums Racing. He’s currently reviewing Valiant Hearts on PS3 for us when not playing “see what I can balance on it while it cleans” with his Vileda robot vacuum cleaner. Fortunately Kitteh escaped a while back.

Which just leaves us with Dom to round out this week’s WWP:

I’ve been playing Inazuma Eleven Go and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Drop Survivor pretty thoroughly for reviews, though their size is starting to take its toll!

Other than that I was allowed a Wii U as my Father’s Day present so we now have Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D Land, Wind Waker and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to wade through, along with my PS3/PS4 backlog… Mario Kart 8 is absolutely awesome though, I think I could probably play it forever, and the online has been relatively robust too!

Have you played much or have any great suggestions for things to balance on a robot vacuum cleaner?

Oh and so far, so England, think the flight’ll be cheaper if we share with the Spanish or will we get the right results to go through on goal difference?



  1. been watching me mum’s dog’s while she and me dad were on holiday, so not much.

    mostly just a little bit of Angry Birds Epic since that just came out and i had my Kindle with me.
    haven’t hit the paywalls i’ve heard exist in the game, yet but it’s fun so far.

    it’s not Final Fantasy, but for nothing, i can’t complain, not that that’s ever stopped me before. ^_^

  2. Destiny Alpha and Battlefield Hardline Beta (thanks to Rocket_345) for the code. I only had a quick blast on Battlefield. It just seems like BF3 to me (and possibly 4, but I don’t have 4), and it’s hard to judge it since so much of is appears to be missing – mostly textures. Destiny bored me a bit, but I can see it being very popular – it’s just not for me.

    Played a bit of Borderlands 2 on Vita and PS3 with McProley. Similarly with Destiny, I find it a mid mundane, just chasing a cursor/point around the map. It’s fine in small doses though. Same applies to other open World games like Watch_Dogs, but for some reason because there is a busy city rather than a huge open space, it’s more fun and challenging to navigate. On Watch_Dogs I’ve just been doing the repetitive Fixer/Convoy/Gang-Hideout missions, and finished that fucking crappy drinking game.

    Played a bit of RDR with fellow TSAers although we didn’t do as much as we’d have liked due to PSN shitty itself again. Still good fun though and managed to cross one of the MP trophies off the list.

    • Hardline does feel more like an expansion to BF4 rather than a full new game.

  3. I’ve finally gotten round to playing Far Cry 3. It’s the first game in a long time that’s actually given me a “jump scare”. Stood by a river, minding my own business, looking at the lovely scenery. And then POW! crocodile attack! I nearly dropped the pad.

    So I went from not going near the ocean because sharks, to not going near any body of water that I can’t see the bottom of.

    Great game.

    • I know what you mean about the Far Cry jumps, it’s even better when something furry and toothy leaps on you while you’re sneakily hunting something else!

      I’ve mostly been mashing the little knobbly Danish squares out of the Lego Movie game sur la Vita. Very simple but brilliant fun, especially for a film tie-in, unless you are easily annoyed by ‘Everything Is Awesome’ I’d heartily recommend it.

  4. All I’ve been playing are Destiny alpha, Lego Harry Potter 2 Vita and have just platted Lego batman 2 also on the Vita. Also had a little go on Watch dogs yesterday.

  5. I think I’ll attempt to work through this weeks stuff chronologically.
    Finally finished off the stupid street challenges on Smart As on Vita netting me platinum number 114.
    Spent the majority of my gaming week switching between Trials Fusion (still), Entwined and Lego The Hobbit, the latter of which quickly became platinum number 115.
    Played the first few opening mission of Watch_Dogs.
    Helped put Youles and Co. with some RDR stuff on Wednesday and started helping Forrest with the Skate 2 online stuff last night.
    Picked up MotoGP 2014 for PS4 earlier so I’m about to go have a blast of that.

  6. Haven’t been playing anything for 3 weeks, and then within minutes of each other received codes for Destiny and BF Hardline so figured it’d be rude not to take part! And some Ghosts thrown in too.

    Destiny is an odd one. Couldn’t really fault it but something didn’t quite click either. I’ve got a beta code though so I’ll see whether that is a bit more representative before making a decision on my pre-order.

    Hardline and Ghosts have cemented in my mind that I absolutely, positively will be skipping COD and BF this year!

  7. Been playing Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection on PSP. I’m enjoying it more than the earlier FFs, mostly due to the improved characters/storyline.

  8. Got a copy of FFX HD on Vita for my birthday last week so I’ve been getting stuck into that. Personally I think its probably my favourite RPG of all time. Really enjoying replaying it after all these years.
    Other than that I have re-downloaded Forza 5 now the new tracks are available.

  9. Played some Entwined, but was put off by the game freezing for short periods.

    A lot of Lego Marvel which is awesome, if a bit too puntastic. Just messing about in the overworld is fun.

    Finished Ace Attorney Dual Destinies (currently playing the DLC case) and Link Between Worlds on 3DS. Both good games, especially Zelda.

    Got Pullblox World on Wii U, it’s 30% off through July if you’ve bought either of the 3DS titles in the series. Nice to see Intelligent Systems working on the Wii U, makes me wonder what else they might have planned.

    Oh, and a bit of Yoshis Island on Wii U, unfortunately it’s the GBA version with slightly worse graphics and much worse sound quality. Why Nintendo? You already have SNES support! Why!?

  10. Played a bit of Hardline Beta and Destiny Alpha. Not to sure on either yet but will see closer to release dates. Few fights on EA UFC and some gang hideouts, fixer contracts and convoys on Watch Dogs make up my PS4 gaming.
    Few hours on Borderlands and Lego Batman on the vita too but that’s about it. World Cup has stopped my gaming.

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