Meet The Half-Breeds In A New Behind The Scenes Video For The Order: 1886

Those monsters in The Order: 1886 are actually Lycans. Half-breed predators who, in the universe of The Order, have been facing off against humans for years. They’re obviously based on werewolves, though are much more similar to humans with their anatomy and intelligence, and you can see the development staff discuss them in the video below.

They do note that this is one particular species of half-breed, which suggests that there will be more gruesome cross-species creatures within the game, which would be very interesting indeed.

Ready At Dawn are definitely putting a lot of work into the transformation aspects and overall design of the Lycans, which shows through the gameplay trailer from E3, where you can see the transition between human and Lycan.

The Order: 1886 will release exclusively on PS4 next year.

Source: YouTube



  1. This is looking increasingly good, the lycans look awesome..!

  2. I think the lycans have a much creepier appearance than the usual movie werewolf, looking forward to finding out what other creatures will be in the game.

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