New Freedom Wars Trailer Frees Up Some More Story Information

A new trailer for Vita exclusive Freedom Wars has been unveiled, in celebration of the Japanese release and to give more of a glimpse at the characters players will come to know when playing through the game. There’s quite a few shots of combat between people and giant creatures, some of which look like they can be controlled to help turn the tide. The story of Freedom Wars is set in a place where people are given a million year prison sentence just for existing, and the only way to cut that term down is to work and take part in combat.


Since it’s such a high sentence the chances of actually gaining any freedom is very, very low. There will be co-op action both via ad-hoc connections and online so you can team up to fight and progress the story. You don’t just fight the creatures in multiplayer, but also help rescue others who have become trapped by them. There will also be a competitive edge to Freedom Wars based on location, as each person playing in an area will help contribute to the overall region score against other places.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Definitely a game I’ll pick up on the Vita, though this is the only major title left to buy I think…

  2. I preferred the name Panopticon, but this does look pretty cool. Too bad it’s seemingly the last first-party Vita title… :-/

  3. I can’t wait for this – here’s hoping it scratches the Monster Hunter itch!

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