New H1Z1 Demo Shows Off PS4 Survival MMO

One game you may have missed from last month’s E3 is H1Z1, Sony Online Entertainment’s take on the crafting survival MMO genre. During the event the development team showed off their latest build, as seen below in an official demo lead by designer, Jimmy Whisenhunt.


Though far from done, it’s coming along nicely and looks way better than the first gameplay reels that were published online. The demo goes through H1Z1’s basic systems including players versus environment combat, gathering materials, crafting, and building settlements.

The video also shows off a dynamic weather cycle and other detailed systems. As Whisenhunt explains, the wet and cold effects players’ in-game status as well as added decoration and effects to the environment.

Sony Online Entertainment is currently working to bring H1Z1 to Steam Early Access. A PlayStation 4 version is also being developed.



  1. Has it been officially confirmed for PS4 then?

    • Yes, SOE has said its working towards a PS4 version.

      It could arrive quite some time after the PC version is available, like PlanetSide 2. SOE also plan on bringing Everquest Next to PS4 as well.

      • Ah ok. This is the first I’ve seen of an official annoucement.

  2. Ha! Second video they’ve released with no zombies (or at least not one seen with twenty or so clicks along the timeline). I find it a bit laughable but I know I need to behave and be patient. Still. Meh! :-\

  3. looks way better than Daisy so far. Ive been waiting for this & other good games so that I can join the next gen. zombies look wonky tho

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