Retail Chain GameStop Is To Be Involved In Game Development, Is This A Good Idea?

GameStop has long been associated with exclusive DLC and pre-order bonuses and has taken the next step to getting bigger and better exclusive.

“[GamesStop] indicated that software publishers are more enthusiastic about partnering with it,” explained R,W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian in a note to investors. “For example, by offering exclusive content on each major game release, and longer term, future models may include GameStop offering exclusive gameplay.”


Sebastian has further clarified this means “getting involved at the time of game development where there could be some content exclusive to [the retailer] included in the game”, and GameStop themselves have said this statement is “accurate”

“We are working with our [development] partners to build in a longer lead time,” GameStop public-relations spokesperson Jackie Smith told GamesBeat. “And we are working with them to get both physical and digital exclusives for our customers.”

While this is obviously great news for GameStop and their shareholders it seems a terrible idea to me. How long before Amazon want to muscle in? We could have every major retailer badgering developers to create exclusive DLC for a game and interfering with creation of a title, entire levels could be locked, only accessible to those who purchased the game from GameStop.

Let the developers make the game and dish out exclusive DLC at the end, having GameStop – or any other retailer – influence the design of a game is bad news for consumers.

Source: VentureBeat



  1. Oh dear. If it happens, i’ll bet that it’s Ubisoft/EA who does it first, and announces it like it’s a good thing.

  2. Storm in a teacup. It’ll start but that’s it, I’m sure it’ll pass. They’re not a retailer around my way and it’s more than likely to be DLC which isn’t imperative to campaigns etc.

    Nothing to worry about I’d say :-)

  3. What is this gamestop you speak of?……

    • The most powerful games retailer in America, and the people who run the magazine Game Informer. They have massive influence over the USA, why dya think Game Informer keeps on getting the big exclusives?

      • Gamestops are amazing stores. They remind me of what Gamestation was before it was bought out. It’s all a bit unprofessional, the prices vary from the sublime to the ridiculous, there’s loads of weird odds and ends (the last time I went they still stocked original Gameboy carts) and the staff, whilst surly, seemed to actually care about games in general.

        One of the few US chains that actually has a bit of personality.

  4. Sounds like a very slippery slope to me. Hopefully the whole idea will fall flat on its face right from the start.

  5. Doesn’t sound any different to what happens now. Except they will try to get first pick everytime.

  6. I’ve stopped buying there since i bought a PS4, why pay an extra ten euros for a new release in Gamestop when i can get it at RRP in the local toy store or cheaper again in Argos.

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