Yoshida: PS3 Uncharted A “Good Candidate” for PS4 remake

With the success of HD collections and remakes on the PlayStation 3, and all the buzz surrounding the upcoming release of The Last of Us Remastered, it was only a matter of time before discussions starting floating around about giving PS3 games a fresh coat of paint on the PS4. The Uncharted games are an obvious choice for the royal 1080p/60fps treatment but don’t take our word for it, just ask Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida.

In a recent discussion with Eurogamer about the success of the PS4, Shuhei pointed out that, “almost 50 per cent of people who have purchased a PS4 didn’t own a PS3, and that’s lots of people that missed exclusive PS3 titles like The Last of Us.”


Shuhei went on to note that, “there are requests from some consumers for games that were released later in the generation, like Uncharted, which people might have missed.” But while he agreed that Uncharted is, “a good candidate,” he was also quick to point out that, “we don’t want to flood the market with remade games either.”

While the PS3 Uncharted titles being worthy of a PS4 remastered collection is pretty apparent, it does make you wonder what might come after that. Mass Effect? Red Dead Redemption? What else?

Source: Eurogamer



  1. No thanks, not for me. New games please. Doesn’t even have to be new IP’s, I’ll settle for new games.

    Seriously, I did not want a new generation console to see old games continually appear that I have already played. Additionally, it’s not like there was a wealth of DLC for Uncharted (or not that I was aware of anyway), so it isn’t like it’s going to be an ‘Ultimate Edition’ or ‘GOTY Edition’ or anything like that – All you are getting is exactly the same game with slightly sharper textures.


    You would think that with the amount of people that moaned about PS2 re-releases on PS3 that they would have mostly abandoned this kind of thing. I guess they must have sold well though, or they wouldn’t even be considering this.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Why release new systems if you are just going to churn out endless remakes.
      Between this and the terrible X1/PS4 lineups for this year, its really obvious these new systems were rushed to shelves a year or so too early.
      At least the 360/PS3 had some excellent exclusives within the first year of their release.

      • Yeah but on the other hand, new games take a long time to make and these remakes are relatively quick and easy so can fill the gap in the mean time while we wait for brilliant new things.

      • But why such a long wait for these new games? I appreciate the first year is always slow for new consoles so 2013-2014 has been terrible, but 2014-2015 isn’t looking much better really until the likes of Uncharted make an appearance towards the end of 2015.

      • I agree. It’s not like they didn’t know they were releasing a new console. It’s been in development since 2008 for crying out loud. It’s like they sat down a week before launch and thought oh crap we don’t have any games, let’s re-release everything from last year, that’ll keep them quiet for 18 months.

  2. A remastered Uncharted trilogy on ps4would bought by me if it was 1 disc and the price of 1 retail game ie £40-£50.
    As for what else I’d like to see re-released, well I loved mass effect but wouldn’t want to play through them again.
    Deus ex? Was a very good game, would definitely benefit from a face lift.
    An assassins creed box set? All the ps3 games on one disc, jazzed up for ps4?
    Enslaved was awesome, already looked nice but could be beautiful on ps4.
    Heavy rain?
    Mirrors edge?
    Mag, with the power of ps4 could be amazing!
    Fallout 3 and Vegas on 1 disc?
    Dead space 1,2 and 3 all on 1 disc.
    I think that’ll do, they’d all be worthy contenders.

    • I would like to see a ‘remastered’ Heavy Rain too, and Beyond. Both could do with better visuals, given how much of the games are down to the story and not actual gameplay.
      Tempted to playthrough Enslaved again after reading your comment, so underrated.

  3. I’m not really interested in the other remakes like TLoU etc but the first Uncharted game would likely benefit more than those games from a PS4 makeover.

  4. I think I’m pretty much done with the remakes but if there’s a huge audience for them so be it. However, there’s only so many resources to go around and I’d prefer them to be working on new IP (or at least continuing successful franchises). Especially when it comes to top-drawer talent like Naughty Dog. Glad Brohei Broshida can see that as well.

  5. Thanks for the originality guys. Really glad I bought the PS4 on launch day to play ports of PS3 indie games and PS3 games everyone has definitely already played to death.

    Given how crap E3 was as well I can’t see this generation picked up steam anytime soon.

    • Its likely to get better from September onwards, but there is certainly somewhat of a ‘dry spell’ in-between.

      Oh well, I suppose it gives me chance to get through some of my PS3 backlog. You know… The games that they are planning on re-releasing for some reason.

  6. I would love to play the first Uncharted without screen tearing, but that’s really the only upgrade I feel it needs… And that can be achieved on PS3.

    These remasters help fill out the dry gaps between new games (since they all bundle together in the same months like October), but I’d rather see them be older games from the early days of PS3/360. Games like Resistance 1 and Heavenly Sword. Not games that I played just a year ago.

    What I want most though, is Gamecube remakes on Wii U. Wind Waker HD is great, I’d love to see Mario Sunshine, Luigis Mansion, F-Zero and Paper Mario be given the same treatment. Games that weren’t rereleased on Wii and therefore already playable.

  7. Metal Gear Solid is the game we all want to go through again. Imagine that belter, as is with the legendary Hayter & Co, but build from the ground up.

    That would be insane.

    We all know MGS was the second game changer with Street Fighter 2 being the first. I’ll never forget that game. It blew me away. Tapping on walls, wet foot prints, hide and seek, the set pieces, the bosses – I’ll see you again in battle, the relationships, twists and turns.

    Granted, Uncharted is a worthy contender, he’ll drop the Trilogy in with 4. Well take it. But nothing would ourshine Metal Gear Solid for PS4 with Legacy thrown in for good measure.

    I can dream, right? :-/

    • *Hell

    • Twin Snakes? ;-)

      • A Twin Snakes remake, cross platform, with a bazillion VR levels and horrendously hard S-Rank requirements -I’d love that… even though I just winged about remakes on another article, Kojima can do almost no wrong :)

  8. If they’re talking about ‘remakes’ and not just ‘ports’ using the same animations etc, I’d rather they remade some classics from the PS1/2 era.
    1: It would be near a decade since I’d last been near one so I wouldn’t mind a re-run.
    2: They could actually make the experience how they probably first envisaged and make some classic stories play and look fantastic.

    Leave the PS3 re-makes and let the people who missed them play them on PS NOW.

    In complete contradiction to my own thoughts… I probably will end up re-purchasing the PS4 versions of TLOU & GTA V, but that still mainly to a lack of games that interest me at the moment.

  9. I was having a discussion the other day about game remakes. After seeing the halo package coming out for Xmas on xbone with over 100 maps how about a call of duty multiplayer all the maps from cod4 through to present day on a retail disc in full new gen glory. Surely a seller like the hottest cakes money could buy! Surely they must be already thinking about making it happen…..

    • That is a great idea, but it could also be split into two releases as there’s possibly too many for one disc. This would also increase sales of course. Perhaps one collection for Modern Warfare and one for Black Ops/World at War (with a combined Zombie mode)?

      I’m guessing this makes too much sense though, which is why it’ll never happen.

  10. Warhawk please!

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