Community Round-Up: 12/07/14

The World Cup is all but finished, with just the 3rd place play-off today and the final tomorrow. TSA’s own World Cup competition is also nearing the end, and the games will almost certainly be more interesting than the Netherlands-Argentina game I watched the other night!

If you want to find out which of our readers will be playing, or catch up on other gaming news, then read on for this week’s Community Round-Up!

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As I just mentioned, TSA’s FIFA World Cup is nearing its conclusion. Tony’s latest update told us who would be facing who in the semi-finals thanks to everyone catching up on the matches: YungJones, XBLakie_ChanX, PILLAI7 and LegendishThingy will be battling it out for a place in the final, which will probably take place sometime this week.

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Looking at the Meets, it seems there will be the usual GT6 on Monday, RDR on Wednesday, and BF4 on Friday. If you’ve got more than 250 TSA Points and none of those games are your thing, then feel free to create your own Meet.

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Picking up with the Reviews, Stefan gave GRID Autosport a 7/10, while Aran gave MouseCraft an impressive 9/10, calling it a “great game that puzzle fans should take a look at”.

On the Preview front, Blair looked at Mario Maker, which is like LBP for Super Mario Bros. and sounds rather good. Peter brought us an elephantastic preview of Far Cry 4, and also one for the Vita-exclusive, Metricoa puzzle-platform game basing itself upon the art style of infographics.

Stefan then looked Bethesda’s first entry into the free-2-play market, BattleCry, which even in its very early state looks like it could be one to keep an eye on for sure. His other previews included Silence: The Whispered World 2 and The Devil’s Men, both of which are point & click adventure games, although the latter weaves together the character’s stories far more than we have generally seen in other games.

The Chronicle featured an EA sandwich in Hot Topics, while on WeView, Outlast received a mixed but generally positive verdict, as South Park: The Stick Of Truth looks like it will also be getting a thumbs up from readers this week.

PlayBack this week featured Minecraft with Dan, while Mobile Watch looked at Monster Hunter for iOS with Jim, who also took the time this week to give Sniper Elite 3’s Multiplayer a go.

Jim got up on his soapbox to explain the problem with next-gen ports, while Blair shared his thoughts on the stealth genre and why the core gameplay mechanics could do with a shake-up.

Kris’s brother Carl stepped in to help out with Episode 146 of the Podcast, while What We Played #164 featured Tomb Raider, Mousecraft and an update from Games by the Sea.

The Forums have been very quiet this week regarding new threads, but here they are:

Well there we have it. Who will you be supporting in the World Cup tomorrow? I’ll be rooting for Brazil today and Germany tomorrow, although the way things have gone so far, I’ve probably just cursed them! Sorry!