Sting Confirmed As WWE 2K15’s Pre Order Bonus

Wrestling legend, former WCW Champion, TNA superstar, and now the latest signing for WWE, Sting, has been confirmed as the pre-order bonus for WWE 2K15. The trailer announcing his arrival doesn’t show any gameplay but does show Sting in his recognisable white and black face paint. Last year Sting’s former tag team partner The Ultimate Warrior was the pre-order bonus, and sadly he recently passed away.


The confirmation of Sting in WWE 2K15 is part of a push to promote the wrestler for the brand, with much speculation that he will eventually step into the company’s ring in real life in the near future. He’s already appeared in a couple of interviews for WWE, and a new DVD about him is being published by the company. It’s a rather huge addition to the roster, and no doubt WWE fans will be happy with the inclusion.

Source: Youtube



  1. Awesome :) Looking forward to this year’s release.

  2. “Roxanne!!!! you don’t have to put on the…….oh sorry wrong Sting..

    • ah, you beat me to it!

      • surprised it took that long lol =0

    • ‘Tis a shame cos I’d love to beat the crap out of the Geordie warbling tantric tosser.

  3. Hoping the next gen versions of this have some significant effort put into them. The series has been stale for a while now.

  4. Don’t double cross him, or get in his way
    Cause if you do, your gonna have to pay

    To the Man Called Sting

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