WWE 2K15 Game Footage Trailer Released, Shows The Roster In Action


Here it is wrestling game fans, the first real look at WWE 2K15. The trailer gives us a look quite a few of the big names from the roster including the likes of Triple H, John Cena, Daniel Bryant, and Kane. One rather large absence is that of CM Punk, which could be down to the image rights issue that he and the WWE are currently involved in. The visuals themselves look very good, including the facial animations. Bray Wyatt looks particularly creepy when he goes into that crab walk.


There are a couple of points in the trailer where a couple of the hand animations look a little off, something that has been noticeable in previous WWE games, but overall WWE 2K15 is looking good. It’s the gameplay that will count though so let’s hope that meets expectations. The MyCareer mode is something that will be particularly one to watch, as it is something that 2K has fleshed out in its NBA franchise over the last couple of years.

WWE releases in October for PS3 and Xbox 360, while the PS4 and Xbox One version will release in November.

Source: Youtube



  1. i don’t think i’ve enjoyed any of these wrestling games since the PS1.
    the feature creep has made them all sorts of unwieldy to play.

    the worst feature they added was bloody stamina.

    run across the ring and the guy’s bloody knackered, not realistic and not bleedin fun either.

    • They did enable you to switch off the stamina in the last few versions. I didn’t get on with it ether.

  2. They’ve definitely improved the graphics since the last one.

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