BioWare Gives Some Vague Details About The New Mass Effect

At San Diego Comic Con BioWare gave some very vague details about the next Mass Effect title, including the fact that it will not be called Mass Effect 4. The main protagonist is in some way connected to N7, but it isn’t Shepard who will be the lead here. The main character may just retain his or hers N7 status, and not become a Spectre, if that organisation even exists.


The picture above gives a look at how the armour of the new hero will look. BioWare also won’t let on when the new events will take place, if it’s a prequel, sequel, or set at the same time as the other Mass Effect games. It could also be set in a different galaxy, and some familiar characters may make a return to game. The Mako is also back but without a cannon, though you won’t be able to drive it for a while as the new Mass Effect is still “years away.”

Source: VG247



  1. Years away? I’ll try to console myself with the knowledge that at least they aren’t rushing it.

    • Yep, I was hoping for it to come out next year.

  2. So, basically, we don’t know anything about it besides there’ll be one at some point. Which we already knew.
    Ok, we’ll wait. And play other games in the meantime.

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