Blood Bowl 2 Could Be Touching Down On PS4 This October (Updated)

UpdateCyanide Studio has got in touch with the following statement:

“At the moment we are considering it, but nothing has been confirmed or announced officially.”

Original Story 


Blood Bowl 2 was announced a while back as a PC exclusive with Stefan doing a preview for the game at beginning of this year. Cyanide Studios hasn’t yet announced any other consoles for the sequel to the 2009 game, which itself is an adaptation of the Games Workshop rather fun board game. However, this hasn’t stopped the folks at Amazon France from listing Blood Bowl 2 for PS4 with an October 1st release date.


The original Blood Bowl game did get a console release on Xbox 360, DS, and PSP. We’ve contact Cyanide Studio to get its take on this apparent leak, and whether it is correct.

Source: Amazon via Gematsu



  1. Was always curious about this game, never played it though. Will take a look if it does indeed release on PS4.

  2. Hope that it does come to PS4, definitely interested in the game and don’t have a gaming PC.

  3. Reminds me of brutal sports football on the old Atari jaguar

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