Female Characters Will Be Top Priority In H1Z1 Early Access

H1Z1 appears to be coming along at Sony Online Entertainment with an early access alpha being mentioned for PC, and going by the tone of the post in which this appears it’s likely that will be releasing in the near future. It appears that up until now much of the work as focused on the male characters, especially the lead Ivan, and the slow moving zombies which make up the “corner stone” of the undead community in the game.



During early eccess the development team will be looking to prioritise female characters and their wearable gear. Those partaking in early access will be asked for feedback on the equipment and the style of these items. Other work on characters such as their race and their attributes will also be worked upon. In terms of the zombies there will also be work on including types like the fast runners, as seen in World War Z, and brawlers who are much stronger than their kin.

There is no final release date for H1Z1, though it will be free to play on PS4 and PC.

Source: H1Z1



  1. Well, finally someone actually did it. Good. I’m looking forward to this one on PS4.

  2. What about transsexual zombies? *folds arms* No sale! :-P

  3. I wasn’t going to buy this but now I am.

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