Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Trailered, Day Zero Edition Provides Early Access

Early access is common in the indie sector, allowing smaller developers to get some cash behind them with a paid-for alpha version of their game, but it’s never quite translated to the mainstream.

Now, Activision are about to change that – you won’t be getting Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare months before release, but if you pre-order a special Day Zero edition, you’ll be able to access the game 24 hours before release on November 3rd, along with two custom weapons. You can pre-order that here.


Finally, here’s the new multiplayer, showing exactly how those exoskeletons fit into the gameplay.



  1. Looks very titanfall influenced, which is funny as titanfall is “CoD with robots”.

    • It has the movement from Titanfall (which I always wanted to say was influenced by Tribes Ascend), the ‘future look’ of Destiny/Halo and the terrain changing of Battlefield.

  2. Admittedly I’m not exactly a CoD mega fan, but imo, this looks the worst one yet. Why is everyone bouncing around like they’re in space? Is this supposed to be the future of war?

  3. Reminds me of a fast paced Killzone. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but not quite what I want from CoD.

  4. That trailer looked very Unreal Tournament and Quake influenced.

    The first Call of Duty since COD4 to really excite me with the multiplayer reveal. If they can bring the fun of an Unreal Tournament to the competitiveness of Call of Duty it would be glorious.

    I’m not a fan of modern first person shooters, but I’m watching this one with interest.

    • I was going to say very unreal tournament. Not a bad thing but I’m not thrilled by this trailer.

  5. Yesterday , I got a hdmi converter from for my old TV. Hope to watch high-definition video. Good luck to me !

  6. Looks very Unreal Tournament-y with people bouncing around everywhere. That wore thin very quickly so this isn’t for me. Still interested in the story though…

  7. I dare say this jumping thing is going to become old very quick. Unreal Tournament was like this and it was fun for a short time. They certainly know how to make a trailer though.

  8. Day zero = play before the servers give out on release day.

  9. Unlike what appears to be the general consensus, this is the first Call of Duty that’s had me interested in years.

    I am a huge UT 99 and 2004 fan however. The only thing I’m unsure about in this trailer is the insta-death nature of the gameplay.

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