Get A Glimpse Into Kyrat With The New Far Cry 4 Trailer

A new trailer for Far Cry 4 has been released at the Sony gamescom conference. It shows some extended looks at the gameplay of Far Cry 4, including some more fantastical scenery that is similar to some of the stuff  in Far Cry 3. There was also more information on the Keys Of Kyrat feature that will be coming to the game, allowing sharing with friends.


Whoever buys Far Cry 4 will get Keys Of Kyrat, which are keys for friends to experience the co-op side of the game. However this will be limited to two hours, but will allow you complete access to everything the main game has to offer. It’s a good way to demo a game and get people interested, so Ubisoft may be on to a winner here.

Source: Gamescom



  1. It does look really nice. I’m shamefully yet to play Far Cry 3.

  2. Honey badgers! Gnarly!

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