God-Bashing MOBA SMITE Making Its Way To XboxOne

Microsoft’s Gamescom conference is currently in full swing, the platform holder announcing a suite of upcoming titles coming to Xbox One first. Some we’ve seen already but others we haven’t, including a console version of Hi-Rez Studios’ acclaimed MOBA, SMITE.

“Great,” you’re probably thinking to yourselves, “yet another MOBA making the awkward transition from PC to console.” It’s true that SMITE shares the same fundamental design and concepts found throughout the genre yet its third person action focus has always separated it from the crowd, making it the prime candidate for a console version.

SMITE also has an advantage in the roster of playable characters it keeps, all of which are deities hailing from various ancient civilisations. From Anubis and Thor to Hercules and Guan Yu, SMITE allows players to stage mighty five-on-five battles with Gods duking it out left, right, and centre.

When it launches on Xbox One, SMITE is likely to follow the PC original’s free-to-play business model. It works in a similar way to genre leader, League of Legends, with users paying for cosmetic items and permanent access to characters.

Given the game’s growing popularity, don’t be surprised if you see SMITE eventually appear on PlayStation 4.



  1. I read the headline as gobshite at first glance!

  2. Been playing Smite a bit on the PC. I have a few mates who enjoy it as you can play it with a pad quite well. Heathens. :)

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