Microsoft Reveal New Games Coming To Xbox One Via [email protected] Program

Microsoft opened their Gamescom 2014 conference by showing off some of the titles that are in the works via the [email protected] program they announced last year. While the initial montage included more games than we could possibly keep track of at the time, there were a few that received a little extra time in the spotlight.

First up was Space Engineers, a game about the construction and maintenance of space devices, such as stations and ships. We didn’t get to see a ton of it but it’s currently available on Steam, and you can see the trailer for yourself below.

Next out was Superhot, a time based first-person shooter that originated as a web game. In Superhot, time only moves when you do, and the trailer displayed several highlighted enemies falling to pieces as they’re shot by the user.

Finally, we have the Escapists. Developed by Team 17, Escapists is a bit of a prison sim that sees you live the life of a prisoner. The trailer shows footage of the player collecting items, crafting, organizing riots, and attempting to dig their way out.

All three of these titles will be making their console debuts on Xbox One, so while it’s very possible they may end up on the PS4, we’ll probably see at least a short wait.