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WeView: inFamous Second Son

Since inFamous’ first outing back in 2009, the series has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the PlayStation’s flagship titles. inFamous Second Son offered a whole new experience, with some noticeable differences. Were they for better or worse?

Cole MacGrath, inFamous’ original protagonist, was replaced with Delsin Rowe, a much more arrogant and immature character. With this came the electric powers also being ditched and switched for a whole new array of superpowers.

Personally I’m a big fan of inFamous. Whilst I didn’t have a great deal of fun with the sequel, I thoroughly enjoyed the original game, the subsequent spin off Festival of Blood, and of course, Second Son.

I really took a liking to Delsin and his comical relationship with his brother, but more so to the variety of powers he could utilise – the neon powers especially. However, the whole experience was over far too soon for me. With uninspiring side missions and few enemy patrols to fight on offer after completion of the story, I now find Second Son’s Seattle a little dull to say the least.

Blair reviewed the game for TSA, scoring it an impressive 9/10. He praised Sucker Punch’s efforts when it came to the explosive gameplay saying “the interplay of the powers is brilliant, and abilities varied enough to make this extremely enjoyable, while the destructible environments add a further sense of power to the mix.”

Although critical of a few design choices, such as the lack a of dynamic day cycle, Blair did say the visuals were “absolutely sublime”, with the sunsets making for “some incredibly stunning vistas”. In terms of the story “Second Son tells a rather straightforward tale” that “hurtles forward at an alarming rate”.

He concluded:

Second Son is very much an inFamous game. It doesn’t stray off the series’ beaten path too much, but there are enhancements in terms of gameplay and some stunning effects put to good use to create the PS4′s most fun and best looking game yet.

While the narrative might not have the same impact as previous games, it’s somewhat more of a down-to-earth tale of an ordinary man with extraordinary powers, and that’s an exciting new direction for the series to take.

Now it’s over to you. Did you enjoy the series’ new direction, or would you have rather opted for another Cole adventure? Also let us know if you’re planning on getting First Light. Remember to give inFamous: Second Son either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It, or Avoid It rating. Be sure to get your comments in by Sunday evening for a chance to be included in next week’s verdict article.


  1. As much as I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience – it was just far too short.

    Playing it on and off I still obtained the platinum in just over a week.

    Apart from being a lot shorter than the others,I think the biggest mistake SP made was to unlock the locations of each shard after beating the district.
    That alone could have added a fair few more hours to it.

    If not for the game length I’d have definitely given it a buy.
    As others have said it really did feel like a next gen title graphically,and I also enjoyed the story and characters throughout too.

    Due to the (slight) problems it has above I’ll go with a sale it.

  2. Graphically Second Son is amongst the absolute best of the next generation.
    Story-wise the characters were likeable and smart, with their back stories well told, and often thoughtful.The main plot is a little straightforward and slightly too short, and I think if you didn’t do any of the extra tasks you’d probably feel a bit hard done by.

    I’d give it a Buy It rating, though with a bit of a disclaimer. You really do have to tackle the extra tasks to help pad out the game’s length, though the mechanics are enjoyable enough to keep that from being a hardship – at minimum for one play through.

    I’ll pick up First Light, as I’m ready for a return to the world, and Twitch seems to be a deeper character than Cole. It’s also a fantastic touch that it’s a seperate release, I traded the main game months ago and would be unlikely to re-buy it just for the DLC. I hope more and more developers see the method as viable.

  3. I played it to roughly the 3rd billboard clearance thing.
    Sure the gfx were amazing and some of the powers looked sublime, but it was basically inFamous 1 with a really good paintjob.

    My attention wained as the repetition kicked in.

    Bargain Bin it.

  4. Enjoyed it, great graphics, story and amazing powers that you unlock (the smoke you start with can feel like a step backwards from electricity). Lots of similar ‘side missions’ but that seems to be par for the course in an infamous game.

    Looking forward to first light, and the expansion for the 3rd power if they make it.

  5. It looked pretty, but in terms of gameplay, variety & depth, it was very shallow. I found Seattle pretty pathetic compared to the huge cities in other open world games. Not what I expected from a £50 ‘new gen’ blockbuster. I was really looking forward to something I could really get my teeth into, after the drought in games since PS4 launch, but this unfortunately was all over far too quickly. Bargain bin it.

    • Oh yeah, and Delsin was an utter penis!

  6. Second Son is an incredible looking game (one of the nicest looking games I’ve played) but I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed with it overall. It’s not a bad game, it’s just not the inFamous game I wanted.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Delsin, or any of the new characters to be honest, and the main villain felt underdeveloped/underused. I can’t even remember her name which says a lot.

    I think the writing overall was a huge step down from the previous games also. There were no twists or surprises and the plot felt a little rushed, lacking any natural progression.

    Karma choices… I couldn’t wait to see how they had evolved the Karma system on the PS4 but sadly it was more of a devolution as choices feel pointless in Second Son. Remember in the first inFamous when you had to choose between saving your girlfriend from plummeting to her death or saving a bunch of doctors who might go on to save hundreds of lives? Or in inFamous 2 where you had to choose between saving mankind from an agonising death or saving the conduits? Second Son had nothing on this scale. I didn’t feel bad about any of the decisions I made. I just picked all the good choices on my first playthrough and all the bad choices on the second. It felt like a missed oppertunity.

    Second Son seemed to be fewer missions/side tasks to complete than before and the map felt much smaller than the previous games.

    The new powers were great (especially Neon) but none of them were as good as Cole’s elecric powers from the first two games. (No rail griding???)

    I’m probably being a little too harsh because it really is a great game in spite of the above. I just hope they improve a few things in the next one.

    One thing I did realise after finishing the game on both good/evil playthoughs was that I had no desire to play it again. It just wasn’t as interesting or exicting as the previous games and didn’t leave the same lasting impression.

    Sale it.

  7. A really pretty game. Gameplay was great but Delsin did lack a little something, maybe a not much of a sense of humour. It still would get an 8/10 from me.

    So buy it.

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