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Since inFamous’ first outing back in 2009, the series has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the PlayStation’s flagship titles. inFamous Second Son offered a whole new experience, with some noticeable differences. Were they for better or worse?

Cole MacGrath, inFamous’ original protagonist, was replaced with Delsin Rowe, a much more arrogant and immature character. With this came the electric powers also being ditched and switched for a whole new array of superpowers.


Personally I’m a big fan of inFamous. Whilst I didn’t have a great deal of fun with the sequel, I thoroughly enjoyed the original game, the subsequent spin off Festival of Blood, and of course, Second Son.

I really took a liking to Delsin and his comical relationship with his brother, but more so to the variety of powers he could utilise – the neon powers especially. However, the whole experience was over far too soon for me. With uninspiring side missions and few enemy patrols to fight on offer after completion of the story, I now find Second Son’s Seattle a little dull to say the least.

Blair reviewed the game for TSA, scoring it an impressive 9/10. He praised Sucker Punch’s efforts when it came to the explosive gameplay saying “the interplay of the powers is brilliant, and abilities varied enough to make this extremely enjoyable, while the destructible environments add a further sense of power to the mix.”

Although critical of a few design choices, such as the lack a of dynamic day cycle, Blair did say the visuals were “absolutely sublime”, with the sunsets making for “some incredibly stunning vistas”. In terms of the story “Second Son tells a rather straightforward tale” that “hurtles forward at an alarming rate”.

He concluded:

Second Son is very much an inFamous game. It doesn’t stray off the series’ beaten path too much, but there are enhancements in terms of gameplay and some stunning effects put to good use to create the PS4′s most fun and best looking game yet.

While the narrative might not have the same impact as previous games, it’s somewhat more of a down-to-earth tale of an ordinary man with extraordinary powers, and that’s an exciting new direction for the series to take.

Now it’s over to you. Did you enjoy the series’ new direction, or would you have rather opted for another Cole adventure? Also let us know if you’re planning on getting First Light. Remember to give inFamous: Second Son either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It, or Avoid It rating. Be sure to get your comments in by Sunday evening for a chance to be included in next week’s verdict article.



  1. Really good game, very entertaining. Good story, interesting characters with some fun banter, superb graphics, seriously cool powers to play with. It’s not perfect but I’d say definitely buy it. It’s the PS4s best big budget game at the moment.

  2. Definitely buy it.

    It feels very ‘next gen’ with a large expansive world and incredible graphics. It’s fluid and fun to move around with your various powers and the side missions add some nice variety.
    It has some faults: The karma system is a bit arbitrary. You are just gonna be entirely good or entirely bad and the moments where you make a choice are literally spelt out! It does mean two playthroughs hold a bit of variety, and since you need to do that to get the platinum, that’s helpful, but really you could just select ‘good’ or ‘evil’ at the beginning and leave it at that.

    There are also too many side missions. They get a little repetitive and I found myself having to ration them in between story missions so I didn’t get too bored of them. It helps to do them as they power up your attacks but they can feel like a bit of grind at times.

    Overall though, the gameplay and the story are brilliant, the voice talent is fantastic and it’s pretty well balanced. Just as you become too powerful for the enemies, new types or larger groups start to appear.

  3. Buy It if you can find it discounted, but I guess that’s a Sale It?

    I was never going to buy this as it didn’t really appeal to me, but after not enjoying WatchDogs and trading it for Infamous I was pleasantly surprised.
    Visuals are great and so is the game play which I thought I’d dislike.
    The destruction of objects like Guard Posts and Ariel type things are pretty impressive too.

    I reckon I’ll end up picking up First Light at some point.

  4. Buy it from me!
    I did miss Cole,but I did like Delsin and I’m looking forward to the dlc.
    I really enjoyed it,the visuals,the new powers,pretty much everything. My only gripe is the side missions were a bit boring at times.

  5. It’s a tough one, I’d probably edge towards buy it if you’ve not played any Infamous titles, otherwise it’s a fairly solid sale it from me.

    My reasoning being that I found it far more repetative than either of the first two titles (particularly the side missions), ridiculously short and easy to platinum too. I played 1, then Second Son, then 2. At the end of Second Son I had mixed feelings, it looked great, the story was fairly decent but the shortness and generally not that interesting missions were against it.

    Then I played 2 and realised that so many of the systems, mechanics and even sounds had almost been lifted wholesale into Second Son – making me wonder just what Suckerpunch had been up to in the years since they’d completed development of 2! Certainly with so many similarities it made the lack of fresh and varied content in Second Son all the more disappointing.

    So yeah, enjoyable enough, but could so easily have been so much more.

  6. Sale it.

    It’s a beautiful game with great gameplay, music and actors, but the story wasn’t as interesting as previous infamous games and it was over pretty quickly, especially for an open-world game, there was surprisingly very little to do after I’d completed the story.

  7. Everyone has pretty much said what I feel.

    The game is beautiful to look at, the game is an absolute joy to play and every character is brought to life by the brilliant voice acting.

    However, the game is very short and you might find that the side missions are a little repetitive.

    Once you get a handle of the controls and all the powers at your disposal though, you might not even care.

    I’m going to say Sale It based on the length of the game.

  8. i absolutely loved the infamous universe.
    i was also a big fan of prototype.
    as far as sandboxes go,Delsin’s world was bright busy and full of things to do.
    a few of you have said the side missions were a tad boring(yep!) but they were essential for powers
    my biggest problem was that there was no balance between good and evil.
    it was all or nothing.
    my first run i went through as goody two shoes.
    second time round as evil i knew what was coming and to be fair tired of it half way through my second run.
    i suppose i should have run through it as a baddie as the title suggests.
    definitely worth a play if you can pick it up cheap.

  9. Dug out my password to comment for the first time in ages! Going to have to go against the masses. Worst game in the Infamous series by far. I couldn’t bring myself to do a second playthrough. Boring and uninspiring. I hated it. Plus It at best. I couldn’t recommend spending actual money on this.

  10. As someone who didn’t get on that well with the previous games – always seeming like there were multiple unseen enemies firing on me with deadly accuracy whilst i could barely manage one hit every three or four shots – i felt they really nailed the gameplay this time around. Buttery smooth framerate throughout helped aswell.
    Navigating the city is a joy using your powers, and the city itself is stunning to behold – i was pressing the Share button every 2 mins, and that was even before they added the special photo mode. I liked Delsin’s character and enjoyed the story but the twist at the end was a bit of a stinker.
    The side missions were quite limited but i got into a routine of leaving them until each area was cleared and they provided a nice breather before tackling the next area/story mission.
    I completed it with good Karma and will probably return to it within the year to replay it on bad karma. Despite the flaws i consider this game to be a keeper so whether new or on sale just Buy It.

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