Enter The Infinity Grid In PS4 & Vita Title PIX The CAT

Pastagames has announced new PS4 & Vita title PIX The CAT, which is the second game featuring the blue feline, in an arcade game that has levels within levels. Pastagames has had some experience developing frantic style games with the likes of Rayman Jungle Run, and Burn It All. The game itself is a 2D arcade title where getting a high score is the aim, and this is done by completing the different levels and puzzles that come Pix’s way.


The gameplay does look rather interesting as levels flow into each other without any sort of gap, meaning players will have to think fast about what the objective is. The game itself will adapt to the player and change things based on skill. Pix The Cat will also have a local mutiplayer mode on PS4 that will support up to four contenders who will face off in the arena. There’s no solid release date except Autumn 2014, and no price yet either.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Honestly, I couldn’t do your job. Remaining impartial and yet ambiguously positive with phrases such as “The gameplay does look rather interesting…”. The constant torrent of ‘indie’ games which, to be fair, would hardly push the PS2, are becoming a tiresome affair.
    [I’ve deleted a few paragraphs from this point onwards, I just can’t be bothered]

    • Thought I was the only one with the major gripe concerning indie games and 8bit titles bogging down the power horse that is my ps4.
      What next asteroids, gorf who knows with a little more oomph we could stretch to frogger.

      • Don’t forget me!
        Although Asteroids would be pretty cool. I used to have some game called Maelstrom on my old mac at work about 15 years ago like a modern day Asteroids, loved it.

  2. Having watched the video twice, i’m still not sure what the gameplay is, other than it seems like a take on the arcade classic Snake. Looks frantic enough though so at the right price i might bite.

  3. Did I hear a Wilhelm Scream?

  4. ok I’ll say it. It looks shit.

    • OK who left Bilbo in charge of the reviews. Lol…
      Blunt and to the point,I like it…
      I will +1 you sir as quite rightly is does look shite!!

  5. Looks like a safe and legal substitute for playing Snake after consuming 400 mushrooms.

  6. Although I am not a fan of faux retro/pixelly (or whatever) type games as others have touched upon, I think this actually looks suitably different & think it could actually look quite nice when you see the real thing in action. I don’t think that video actually helps (apart from seeing the game in motion) as it isn’t the best quality I have ever seen.

    Unless that is in fact a true representation of the game & in which case, I will stand corrected (& probably not get it myself!).

  7. This at best is an iPad game.
    It will be really overpriced on the ps4. Roll on the AAA games.

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