Sacred 3 Dev Explains That Changes Were Made Due To Marketing Department

Sacred 3 was released a couple of weeks ago to rather subdued fanfare, and reviews that didn’t really paint the title as a must have. In fact Jim reviewed the game for us giving it a 5/10, and stating that there was a sense of “dumbing down.” In fact reading through different impressions it’s apparent that fans of the Sacred series have been left disappointed, and Keen Games didn’t create the title many were hoping for.


Now one of the Junior Designers of the game, Sascha Wagentrotz, has taken to the Steam community boards to explain why Sacred 3 had changed direction so much from previous entries to the series. Much of that blame apparently lies at the feet of Deep Silver’s marketing department.

The executive producer and creative producer were employed by Deep Silver and they did a good job. But they both had a boss too, the marketing department. The marketing department of Deep Silver was the only one with enough power to change the direction of the franchise.

Of course I’m sorry for all sacred fans. This damn “3” in the title. I suggested to rename it to “Sacred – Brawling in Ancaria” or something like that… But the “3” obviously sells better.

It’s an interesting view to see a member of the development team speak out against the publisher. It also gives an insight in to the power of marketing , and how much of a game’s success depends on it. But to have such an impact on the gameplay itself, and in this case for the worst, might make others come forward about how much their games changed due to those who are tasked with bringing exposure.

Source: Steam 



  1. Sad to see when marketing departments and publishers meddle to the point of things not ending up as polished (or even correct) as they’d like. Let alone any sort of disservice that does to the fans.

  2. I really enjoyed sacred 2 but after seeing tsa’s review it was clear they’d taken it too far from what made sacred 2 good.

  3. I was horribly disappointed by Sacred 2, so if this one was even more disappointing then how’s about just calling it .. a day. :/

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