Everybody’s Golf Coming To PS4 With New Social Features

It’s a golf series of many names, called Minna No Golf in Japan, translated literally to Everybody’s Golf in the EU, but then rebranded as Hot Shots Golf in America. Whatever the name, Sony’s own golf game is making the jump to PlayStation 4, as announced at the SCEJA Press Conference this morning.

Going by the working title or codename “New Mingol Project” Shuhei Yoshida took to the stage to explain how the series has always tried to evolve to make use of each successive console’s strengths. So while we can expect lush and verdant greens on the PS4, thanks to its much greater graphical prowess, there will also be an increased focus on social play.

Though Sony won’t really be elaborating on this until some time early next year, Shuhei hinted at open world play and spoke of being able to develop a golf resort with your friends, which would seemingly open the door for user created golf courses within the game.

Source: PlayStation SCEJA Conference, via Polygon



  1. Great news I like me a bit of everybodys golf :)

  2. Superb news, despite critical acclaim, the series still seems to be overlooked. I hope more people pick it up this time on PS4!

  3. Sold , best golf series ever. Love playing this with the girlfriend or when friends are over.

  4. Bugger Bugger Bugger Bugger. Now I have to save up for a ps4.

    I only bought the ps3 when world tour came out on it.

  5. Hopefully they build well on previous games as enjoy the series. Will definitely be buying with a plethora of local and online modes hopefully

  6. I’ve never played this, but all I hear is praise so this will probably make it into my game collection. I like the sound of developing a golf resort with friends… Wonder whether you can put a Bar in the middle of the course after the 9th hole?

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