PS3 & Xbox 360 Versions Of Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor Pushed Back To November

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that the last gen version of Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor will be releasing over a month and half later than the PC and new gen counterparts on November 21st in Europe, 18th in North America. The reason given for this delay is that more time is needed in development, so there are likely some issues still cropping up.

In a way this is good news as the developers will be able to catch and fix bugs before release, but if you were planning on picking this up for the last gen then you’ll have quite the wait. The PC version will release on September 30th, as will the PS4 and Xbox One versions in North America. Europe will get those new gen copies on October 3rd.


Shadow Of Mordor is shaping up to be a decent title, especially where the enemy AI remembers events that have taken place before.

Source: PR


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  1. This has been creeping slowly on to my radar. I think a lack of titles I’m currently interested in on the PS4 and the fact the game is looking quite nice is two major contributors to my interest growing.

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