You Will Need New Pants After Watching This Silent Hills Trailer

A new trailer for Silent Hills has emerged from the Tokyo Game show, and by emerged I mean ‘crawled from your darkest nightmares, chased you down a corridor and scooped your brain out with an egg whisk.’

The series reboot from Hideo Kojima and director Guillermo Del Toro is coming to PlayStation 4 and if this video is anything to go by, it will the the scariest thing on PS4 until September 25th when TSA Live is broadcast from my flat.

Suggest you watch the trailer from the safety of behind the sofa.

UPDATE: Kojima has said that they are looking at how TV seasons are scheduled and may do something similar with Silent Hills, but they have yet to make a firm decision.

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  2. I’m beginning to worry that I’m turning into some weird sadomasochist as this video, the P.T. game/demo, Outlast or any movie for god knows how long has failed to remotely scare me what so ever.
    When you hear the woman crying or screaming it annoys me rather than scares me, I just want to tell them to shut the hell up.
    I guess in real life though the giant arm would probably freak me out but as it stands… It’s Hilarious!

    • I’ve gone in the completely opposite direction from you. I used to not give a crap about scary games or movies. Somehow in the last 2-3 years, I’ve become irrational with my fear of horror in general.

    • I’m a bit tricky to scare with games/films too. When I saw the big arm thing, all I could think of was this. Far creepier!

    • “When you hear the woman crying or screaming it annoys me rather than scares me, I just want to tell them to shut the hell up.”

      Maybe that’s what the big arm/hand thing was for. Someone (or something) keeping their pimp hand strong.

      • You’re right. Every work place should have one!

  3. This looks so damn good! It looks like they’re going to visit characters’ personal nightmares with some sort of vengeance!
    I’m interested in the significance of the doors, in PT demo it was mentioned that the crack in the door leads to hell or another place (can’t recall the exact quote).

    It’s great how this trailer and the demo completely suck you in with such a dense atmosphere. I’m also really enjoying the fact that there isn’t any actual music anywhere.

    I’ve mentioned to a few people before but I can see this being a first person game with no instructions or on screen prompts, with the player being forced to confront the fears onscreen to progress rather than hide away from them like Amnesia.
    It’s going to be an uncomfortable, new experience for gamers but I think it’s probably and hopefully going to change the way games are made and make them a more “real” experience over following screen prompts and having your hand held in tutorials.

    • Seeing as we were on Skype when we watched Connor play PT. Can you stream the full game? I’m fully prepared to hear you absolutely defecate yourself into oblivion with how scared you’ll be. Go on. You know you want to. :-)

      • Me and Andy have a kind of tradition where we meet up and play a new SH game together so we’ll look at streaming it when that happens.
        It’ll be a tidal wave of poo.

      • Make sure that you get your 3D specs for that one then peeps.

      • I look forward to the shitsunami.

        Sounds like a wave of yapping dogs. Hmm.

  4. I want to buy it as it looks great, but I actually think I’d be too scared to play it.

  5. Looks horrifying.

    Last gen Dead Space 1 took the crown.

    Looks like Silent Hill wants to be taken seriously this time round.

  6. The PT demo was superb and the trailer is hopefully further proof that Silent Hill will return with a roar, leaving us to do all the whimpering.

  7. F**k off,no way i’m playing that i struggle playing any of the Dead Space games.The only way i’ll play it is if it’s daytime and someone is with me.

    • Hahahaha! Awesome reaction. :D

  8. Nope.

  9. fucking hell. This looks mental. The PT demo was really good (even better with headphones and a dark room) I heard rumours that this may be released for Morpheus, but I’ve also heard the Sony tech guys advise developer not to make the games too scary because people fully lose their shit.

  10. My gf is still having nightmares after playing the P.T demo together. I’m sure she’ll love this trailer.

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