Here’s Your Chance To Win The Art Of Alien: Isolation

Hey there space rangers. You like stuff, don’t you? And you like video games? Everyone likes stuff and video games, right? And almost everyone likes Alien too. So how lucky is it that we’ve got a chance for you to win The Art of Alien: Isolation? That’s a book full of stuff and it’s closely related to a really good video game. In fact, it’s so closely related to that very good video game that it’s entirely about it.

We’ve got two copies of the book to give away, courtesy of the lovely people at Titan Books, and we thought we’d have a bit of fun in the process. The book is all about the art behind the game so we want you to draw the Alien that stalks you around those hallways of the Sevastopol. Upload the image to imgur or flickr or some such online image hosting service (even something like dropbox or google drive would do) and then send us a link to your creation, either in the comments below or via twitter to @thesixthaxis.

We know not everyone is artistic and we don’t want that to exclude you from winning some glorious stuff so we’ll give one book to what we judge to be the most terrifyingly accurate depiction of the Alien and we’ll give one book to the depiction that makes us giggle the most. Seriously, crack open MS Paint and scribble a Xenomorph in the bath or something. I’m a big fan of people drawing Sanic so don’t worry how basic your depiction, just make it fun.

But what if you’re neither artistic, nor hilarious? Well, we’ll do our best to accommodate you too. Read on, dearest community member.

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that I reviewed the book in handy video format on this very website. That means there’s also another copy of the book in our possession that we’re happy to give away – at random – so long as the winner understands that it has been very lightly handled by myself for the purposes of the video. Delicately fingered, you might say. I’m very gentle with books.

You’ve got until Monday 27th October at midnight to send us your entries and we’ll announce the winners on this post and on twitter (follow @thesixthaxis) shortly thereafter. If you win, we’ll either contact you via the email address you gave TSA when you registered or via twitter DM to get a postal address and we’ll ship the books anywhere in the world because we’re nice like that.

Now, do us a favour before you rush off and watch the video review (below) then subscribe, share, tweet, post to Facebook and all that stuff so everyone can see TSA and enter the competition themselves!


  1. Ca i take a photo of my entry and upload it to twitter that way?

  2. Best comp ever!!!! Will be on it all day tomorrow =D

  3. Ok, thanks Blair

  4. Hah nice. Seems like a fair competition. I’m not a brilliant drawer, but I have got some humorous ideas.

  5. Great competition, i don’t fancy my chances but i might have a go.

  6. Loneliness, by Bunimomike.

    • HA HA HA that is brilliant genuinely made me laugh out loud,especially when i saw the line from newt,that coild be the winner right there ;D

      • could not coild.

      • I wanted to add some text to the usual OMG WTF text you see on the original cat image knocking about the internet but thought “well, I can’t exactly make a ‘coming’ joke now, can I?”. No wait. I can totally make a ‘coming’ joke with Newt’s line from Aliens! :-) *tips hat*

      • Well played sir,take a bow ;)

      • Hehe, good work.

    • That was genius mike. :)

      • Agreed.
        Insta-win right there sir, well played! :D

      • Thought I’d check back in as there’s another entry. Cheers, guys! :-) *tips metaphorical hat*


    Mine is awful, used my laptop touch-pad as I have no mouse. Still, worth a go, right?

    • Duke Nukem would be proud of your artwork. Hell, they may be hiring! :-)

  8. Okay, here’s my quick attempt –

    I had forgotten how hard it is to actually draw using Paint ><

    • That is effing magical! *applauds*

      • I think “magical” is a tad generous!
        But I give my thanks anyway :)

        Glad to see a few more entries too!
        Good luck to everyone :)

  9. I’m not going to win. But I gave my son 10 minutes with paint. Helped me express my frustration with one writer’s review of the game…..and helped entertain sick kid with the flu. (I’m nurse dad today). Its a Saiga, BTW.

    • That’s lovely. If you don’t mind me saying, the poo-shaped head makes him adorable. :-) That just shouldn’t work but it does. :-)

  10. Seriously, buying the book anyway. FYI …wife bought me a plush facehugger she found online!!!

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