Lords Of The Fallen Review Round-Up

Today’s round-up comes courtesy of Lords Of The Fallen, an action-RPG adventure from European developers Deck13 Interactive and CI Games. The game’s release is today (28th October) so you can rush out and grab it straight away if you so desire. Much has been made in the lead up to the game’s release about its similarities with the Dark Souls games, though the developers have aimed to make Lords Of The Fallen more accessible than its inspiration.

Our very own Aran reviewed it, awarding it a middling 6/10, saying “The combat is pretty much on point and really does provide a great challenge. If you’re looking for a game that has punishing fights, but is a bit easier than Souls then this is it. However the story and lore just aren’t that interesting, despite a good premise and Harkyn doesn’t have much personality.”


It looks like other critics have settled on a ‘solid’ rating for the new IP, praising the game’s combat system despite the less well drawn world.

IGN – 7.4

“Lords of the Fallen delivers entertaining hack-and-slash combat centered on combos and spells, but its risk-based reward system seems slightly out of place in a world where its hero so easily achieves great power and defense and makes risk obsolete. It achieves its goal of creating a more accessible Dark Souls-style experience, but unfortunately it goes a step or two too far.”

Eurogamer – 7/10

“I kind of hate having to so continually compare one game to another, but Lords of the Fallen offers little alternative. As tribute acts go, it’s a passable riff on a much better game, and with no more new downloadable content for Dark Souls 2 coming up and Bloodborne still a few months distant, it’s hard to deny its appeal as a temporary replacement for the winter months. For all its rough edges, if an easier, less obtuse variation on From Software’s combat RPG is all you crave, then it will certainly reward you with a lot of game for your money.”

Polygon – 7.5

“even in the face of near-game-ending bugs, my time with Lords of the Fallen wasn’t ruined. It largely succeeds in both imitation and with its strong variations on the formula. Lords of the Fallen is derivative; there’s no doubt about that. But it’s also a surprising show of skill and hopefully a sign of much brighter things to come.”

Gamespot – 8/10

“Superficially, you could call Lords of the Fallen a Souls game for the meek and the uninitiated. But it earns more respect than such a flippant description. Lords of the Fallen isn’t about the game that it isn’t, but the game that it is. It’s about the ghoulish blacksmith, his glowing eyes, and the long tufts of stiff hair that rise from his scalp. It’s about the crunches of iron against bone when your hammer finds its mark. It’s about taking in new sights and sounds, and about finding new ways to travel to old ones.”

Videogamer – 6/10

“While Lords of the Fallen can be fun in spells, its inconsistency, poor pacing and muddied conveyance mean it stands in the shadows of its competitors. It’s a shame, as there is an interesting world and setup here, and the game certainly gets stronger towards its conclusion, but it just never quite reaches the heights of what else is on offer.”

Game Informer – 8.5

“Lords of the Fallen is a surprisingly solid title that wasn’t even on my radar. While it borrows heavily from the Souls franchise, it’s done well and with its own signature flair. I highly recommend this game to anyone that enjoys that series, and if you haven’t gone down that road before, it might be a more forgiving entry point into the action RPG.”

God Is A Geek – 7.5

“Lords of the Fallen knows exactly what it wants to be, even if it occasionally has trouble getting there. It has derivative elements, undoubtedly, but they’re clearly meant as homage and built upon rather than outright aped. It’s not a showy, flashy, trailer-friendly game (Harkyn is no poster-boy despite his gnarly face tattoos), and it’s not going to set the universe aflame with its functional, stock storyline – but it is immensely compelling all the same. Dark, brutal and challenging, Lords of the Fallen is a surprisingly deep and playable game, and could be one of this year’s most promising new IPs.”

Game Trailers – 7.3

“In the end, the more straightforward design of Lords of the Fallen puts more focus on combat than building an interesting world. Players may be less likely to get lost, but the game lacks a sense of wonder and isn’t helped by its dull narrative and recycled enemies. Still, the solid mechanics are a step in the right direction. Anyone looking for a diversion until Bloodborne may want to give it a try.”



  1. Seems like it will stay in the 7-8 region. Fine by me. For example Castlevania Lords of Shadow didn’t get the same praise as well. It didn’t reach God of War hype but I personally enjoyed it more and consider the story above the one God of War gave us.

    • How dare you! God of war story was far superior that castlevenia now if you said Dante inferno!

    • difference between C:LOS and LOTF is, C:LOS “got soul”. ;)
      i totally understand why this game doesn’t get 80+ everywhere, and it’s deserved imho. the combat is solid, graphics are very nice too, sometimes really beautiful and breathtaking to be honest, but artdesign and gameplay is simply a plane rip-off, which is sad… not to mention the banal story. could have been so much more.

  2. Desperate for an RPG so this will do for now as long as it’s better than bound by flames!

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