PS4 2.0 Update Available To Download Now, Extra Features Revealed

We knew that the PS4 2.0 firmware update would be available today, but if you’re about this morning then you can get straight to downloading. It’s 218 MB in size, so shouldn’t take long to download if you have a half decent internet connection.

This update allows you to change themes of your PS4 as well as the colours of your home screen, play music (MP3 or AAC) through the PS4 via a USB device, upload videos straight to YouTube, and more. Perhaps the most interesting feature is Share Play, which lets you play a local game over the internet, streaming to your friend’s console. The video below explains that in more detail.


In the update notes, there are some extra features which we didn’t previously know about. Those include being able to set the length of time your controller will charge on standby (now named “rest” mode), a list of voice commands in settings, mouse functionality, easy sending of voice messages, quick access of notifications by using the PS button when they appear, and battery notifications for new devices.



  1. One thing which Sony with it’s Playstation & Microsoft with the Xbox do is improvement systems with their updates…
    UNLIKE Apple! Just upgraded to Yosemite and I’ve got an Illustrator file on my computer I need called ‘seafood etc’… When I do a search for it using Finder I don’t want to search for stupid f**king tracks on iTunes with a title of Seafood or know where the nearest f**king seafood restaurant is where I live. I’m busy trying to use my iMac to make money, not purchase bulls**t off iTunes! Bring me back system 8 goddammit! – Apologies… Rant over.

    • I actually appreciate my Macbook having hit the age limit for system updates – admittedly a bunch of new software won’t run on it, but Apple can’t ‘upgrade’ it into a useless form either!

      • I’m almost jealous. :)
        Not even Maverick is touching my MacBook and there’s no way on Earth my next phones gonna be an iPhone either. I couldn’t work on anything other than a Mac but I hate the direction they and most other companies are taking. Apple should release 2 different systems – One for people who use computers to work and one for social rubbish.

      • My iPad 2 has been crippled by iOS 8.

        Can’t not update though, given that the OS updates are to fix security exploits too. :(

    • I was worried that I’d regret upgrading to Yosemite because my mbp is over three years old now, but I love it. It’s much quicker than Mavericks and I love the new, clean design. I’m sure I’ll discover things that bother me in the coming weeks, as is usually the case, but so far I really like it. Much better than Mavericks but Snow Leopard was the best from memory.

    • So, while they’ve added new things to Spotlight, you can tweak it quite heavily, just as you have since its introduction a decade ago.

      Go to System Preferences, then head into Spotlight and turn on and off the kinds of files and items you want Spotlight to catalogue and search through for you. In your case, that’d be Spotlight Suggestions, maybe Music too and Bing Wed Searches right down at the bottom.

      You can also set the relative priority by dragging them into a particular order, and under the Privacy tab, you’re able to block specific folders and drives from being catalogued and searched through, if you don’t want to have your search results flooded by iterative backups of important files, for example.

      You can do the same on iOS by going to Settings > General > Spotlight Search.

      • Ah ha. Cheers, will do when I get 5 minutes to myself… 5 minutes which I don’t use to write a comment on this site. ;)

    • Just go to Settings->Spotlight and turn off all the unnecessary stuff.

    • Another annoying thing is if I want to open a file up with a different version of an app or not the default app & use the control button, it says ‘fetching’ for about 10 secs before giving me the options.
      I used to be able to navigate anywhere in system 8 & 9 in secs just using keys & shortcuts hardly ever touching the mouse, then for me, everything Apple has started to spiral downwards since system 10 was introduced. I want my old G3 back! lol

      • Yes, that’s somrthing I’ve found too. Rebuilding Launch Services might help, but I’ve yet to try that. Give it a quick Bing using Spotlight… Oh wait… ;)

  2. Wait for it…Fw2.0 Bricked my console in 5,4,3….

    • I hope not, it’s downloading right now.

  3. You can now manually check for game updates aswell by pressing options on a game

  4. Oh no FW 2.00 bricked my console to! lol

  5. So far, the available themes are all colours which aren’t as attractive as the original blue, nor do they carry over into the storefront which remains the old colour.

    Also, reminding me that I can use voice commands with my PS4, changing the power off options to “Start Power” and promptly starting the game Flower is not an improvement.

    I’m hoping that Share Play is a valid service though.

    • Not going to get used to the power voice commands. I’m so used to “Playstation, Home Screen, Power, Enter Standby Mode “

    • Makes sense with the Store front as I assume they want that branded their way. It’s a retail experience after all. Kinda like how we left our potentially themed PS3 XMBs to go to the store, as it were.

  6. I like the themes, the new darker ones work better for me, but really I’d like the seasonal and day-night change on the Vita and PS4 please Sony! I haven’t tried the MP3 support yet but I definitely will.
    My Plus has lapsed so I can’t enjoy the new share features just yet, I’m sure those of you that are really into the social side of the PS4 will love it and think of it as a big step forward but I’m not sure there’s masses in this update for me. I’m not unhappy though, updates are always grare fully received, one day I’m sure I’ll see what I want.

  7. Did they implement the back up feature as they said they would previously ?

  8. So how do you activate this share play?

  9. It was ready to download when i got up this morning but i had to go to work and leave it on standby. Looking forward to checking it all out later.

  10. Well this is silly, this update seems to have broken the standby option. I put my PS4 in standby tried to turn it back on with the PS button on the controller, no response from the playstation. Got up to manually press the power button on the PS4 still no response, tried ejecting the disc, made a sound but still no luck. In the end had to unplug the power plug and be greeted with ‘you can corrupt your playstation if you unplug it whilst still on standby mode”. Get off me.

    Hope that was just a one time thing and Sony haven’t broken something that was working perfectly fine before.

    • Now this is interesting. (to me anyway). Since purchase I’ve had a few issues like this.

      Sometimes it doesn’t pick up the TV via HDMI and I have to reboot in safe mode at 480p. (not just me, well documented on the web)

      The PS won’t power up until you’ve un & re plugged.

      Sometimes it won’t turn off.

      Other times I’ve set to standby, the orange light comes on but the fan doesn’t dim/slow. I’ve put this down to the fact that maybe it needs to cool more, but once or twice its still been going the next morning.

      Most recently I’ve had it where you power on via the console from standby and the disc ejects!?

      None of these things happen every time. But its frequent enough to be a bit of a pain.

      • Are you sure you aren’t being haunted by a ghost or ghosts? It’s that time of year.

      • Either that or because its mushroom season.

      • If you’ve got mushrooms growing in it, it might be time to do some cleaning.

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