GameStop UK Drop The Price Of The PS4 To Just £299

The console war is hotting up for Christmas with deals an offers propping up all the time, most of which we don’t bother reporting but GameStop have our attention as they dropped the price of a PlayStation 4 below the mythical £300 barrier.



Admittedly it’s only three pence below £300, but even so the price is now below the completely imaginary barrier that makes the console more appealing to consumers. You even get one of the swanky new glacier white consoles rather a subdued and sulky black one.

The price is part of a promotion so probably won’t last long and we may see other retailers follow suit as Christmas approaches.

Source: Gamestop



  1. I would love one of the white ones. But I`ll stick with mine until the do a hardware revision I think

  2. Good Price. Never seen a Gamestop anywhere though.

  3. Gamestop…in the UK????? Where?

    • Online, obvs.

      • Interesting, never used them. ShopTo has always been the best for me…

      • Ah, I see – Do they actually have any physical stores anywhere though?

        I believe that they do in Ireland & overseas, but not sure about here is all.

      • Used to, but they all closed I think, the business is online only in the UK.

  4. What’s wrong with the black one? Racist ;)

    A white one would look silly, since every other box under my TV is black.

    • I just tend to like anything but the standard colour………except pink that is ;)

  5. I had a black PS4 but I traded it in for a white one to go with my white PS3.

    I don’t know why but I’d always choose a white console over the standard black. Maybe it’s because you can see all the details in the design and they stand out more, I don’t know. They just look classier. Even the XB1 looks great in white.

    Great new price for the PS4. They’re gonna fly off the shelves over the holidays.

  6. Wow. If Ps4 was selling like the proverbial hotcakes before what’s it going to sell like now?

  7. I do love that white one. looks sexy as hell

  8. I hate to be the one that rains on the parade but GAME are offering the comsole, the new COD and a digital copy of The Last of Us for £349.99. Considering the gamestop offer is console only you’d probably end up paying more after buying games to go with it than if you went for a bundle.

  9. I do not see this offer available or listed anywhere on the GameStop site. have it listed as £329 right now and Amazon have the white listed as £344!!

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