WeView: Metro Redux

For this week’s WeView we’re taking a look at another remastered game in the shape of Metro Redux. Redux includes both Metro: 2033 and Last Light, which have previously released on last generation consoles, now given that added new-generation touch.

I recently bought Metro: Last Light on PS4 and I’ve only had time to play the first hour or two of the game. Needless to say I’m very impressed with it so far. It looks fantastic and I really like the heavy controls. There are some nice touches that add to the realism too, such as having to occasionally wipe your gas mask after jumping in a puddle. Hopefully I’ll finish the game soon.

Aran reviewed Metro Redux for TSA, scoring it a rather impressive 9/10. He kicked things off by saying “it’s a rarity in reviewing when you put a game through the process a second time, but that’s what I found myself doing with one half of 4A’s Metro Redux collection”.

In terms of differences between the two versions “visually the thing that is most apparent, especially walking through the ruins of Moscow, is that Redux looks brighter. The originals had incredibly dark, grey skies, but here the clouds and the snow seemed whiter, giving a rather peaceful look to the nuked city”.

In both games “sound also plays a major part… setting the atmosphere as well as being an indicator for your equipment”. Aran added “the echoing calls of the fast and powerful watchmen on the surface, and the guttural shrieks of the nosalis in the tunnels always make you stop”.

He concluded:

In Metro Redux you get a complete package of one of the most under appreciated series of the last generation. You have an interesting set up here based in a post apocalyptic Moscow that marries together the fight for survival between humanity and nature, as well as humanity’s own infighting, with hints of the supernatural. In terms of bargains this may just be the best remastered option available, with hours of gameplay. I’d say you could quite easily get almost 20 hours out of this package.

Metro Redux puts together survival horror and survival action in such a well presented first person package, that if you’re a fan of any of them then this is for you. A solid story, an interesting cast of characters, and two games that make you panic in a good way. It’s worth the price of entry.

Now it’s over to you. Have you noticed any changes between each version of the games, and for those playing Metro for the first time how has the survival shooter been for you? Give the game either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating. Be sure to get your comments in by Sunday evening.



  1. I played the one on PS3 but thought it was dark lighting wise them bought the redux on ps4 & still come across same problem.

    I found the game to be dull, plain & lifeless, it felt nothing realistic, the weapons handle was rubbish.

    Bargain bin it better yet wait for it to be free on plus to save money

  2. I haven’t got round to trying this yet :( It’s on my list of things to play tho.

  3. I bought the disc version of Metro:Redux on PS4 having never played it on PS3, but only tried Metro 2033. I was bored of it after a couple of hours so I traded it in.

    SALE IT.

    Because of last week’s sale (and all the excellent reviews), I picked up Metro: Last Light:Redux on its own for a tenner, and so far it seems much better than 2033. Better graphics, smoother gameplay, just much more polished.

    BUY IT.

    As a whole package with both games?

    PLUS IT.

  4. Bought it for the PS4. Got about halfway through the first one (I think) and stopped playing it with zero intention to go back. Actually, I’ve now sold it.

    I found it positively boring. I thought the AI was uninspired. The graphics were dated (which is to be expected) to the point that everything looked so bland. Just didn’t sit well with me at all.

    Also thought the story was dull. It didn’t help that voice cues were well off and people started talking to me when I was nowhere near them. Also, does nobody in an apocolyptic metro system have manners? Everybody just talks over each other.

    Now since I only played the first one (it was that bad I can’t remember if that’s 2033 or Last Light and can’t be bothered finding out) I can really only rate the first one.

    It will come as no surprise though, that it gets a rather loud AVOID IT.

  5. I bought the remastered PS4 version(s) off PSN after reading several good reviews & thinking the price was a bargain… Biggest waste of £35 I’ve ever spent. AVOID IT!
    Graphics, gameplay, sounds etc. all seemed very dated & the game itself just seemed completely uninteresting. Like I’ve said before, the only scary thing about this game were the devil children who sounded like the voice-over had been done by a 50year old crack addict woman after chewing on 5000 cigarette butts.

  6. It seems a bit cruel to say BUY IT after the mixed views other people have, so I’d say SALE IT. Worth a try, because you may enjoy it as much as I did.

    It has the right post-apocalyptic atmosphere to it and great gun play. The narrative wasn’t Uncharted material, it’s not about set pieces and having a good bash up as much as it’s about the nature of war, trauma and the unknown. The gameplay was realistic in that you could so easily die, there was such a thing as recoil and bullets staying in the magazine, flash lights needed a recharge, and no HUD markers. This all made gun fights tense and meaningful, and the lack of supplies is like TLoU on Grounded mode. There’s a limit to everything, and it feels great.

    All this said, this all comes from Metro 2033 on the PC. So I do wonder whether the devs have done a crap job at remastering the games onto consoles. Metro 2033 on the 360 apparently had it’s problems, yet the PC version was fine when I played it.

  7. Metro Last Light is good, 2033 is meh. Bargain Bin it or as someone else said wait for Plus. Personally if I was to spend money on either it would be on Last Light, which is a far more polished experience than 2033. It’s a bit like playing Wolfenstein Lite.

  8. I’ve bought both 2033 and Last Light separately off the store and I have only completed approximately half of 2033 (1016.5?). I have to agree with quite a few other reviews here; the story is lacking quite a bit and there isn’t a solid enough feel to the gun-play to entice me into persevering.

    I keep dipping in and out of it, but I continuously feel severely under powered, which I understand may be the intention of the developers to create a fear, however I find it tedious when you’re in a spontaneous cinematic shoot out only to here the dreaded *click* as you run out of ammo for ever possible weapon! I was wondering if there was a ‘throw your shoe at them’ button.

    The lighting is nice in parts, but the majority of what I have played is just identical looking underground Metros (shocking I know). I was hoping for a bit more variety in the locations after seeing the snow bit at the start of the game.

    I have yet to play Last Light which I hear is more action based, so potentially that one could be different. However since that was on plus for PS3 I reckon one of the Metros will be on PLUS for PS4 at some point in the future.

    Metro 2033: Bargain Bin

  9. I played a fair bit of Metro 2033 but did my usual thing of then going to play multiplayer games like Killzone, FIFA endlessly. However, from the few hours I did play, I really enjoyed:

    – Gunplay; guns were distinctive and felt like they packed a punch
    – Presentation: liked the minimal HUD
    – Story: although I didn’t see much of the story, the game did well of setting up the story, giving a believably background/backstory.
    – Price: two clearly long games for less than a full-price game, a good offer already I think; I would go back to it.

    I’m not sure I can really give an honest verdict for the few tens of hours I’ve sunk into the game so far, but I would say BUY IT.

  10. Got it because it got good reviews and I was desperate for something to play on my PS4. Unfortunately I only managed an hour or so. Found it incredibly boring and generic, with little depth and subsequently no desire to persue any further. Incredibly disappointing. Avoid it.

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