Godzilla Smashes His Way Through A New Japanese PS3 Trailer


I haven’t got the first idea what the nice Japanese voice over man is saying but I can only assume it’s something like this:

Godzilla don’t care. Look. Look at him just effing stuff up because he can. Check out his laser breath too. That’s because Godzilla doesn’t have a single f*ck to give. He loves a bit of city-wide devastation, does our Godzilla. Oooh, sorry, did you live in that apartment block? Well, it’s off to stay with family in the countryside for you because Godzilla is having a jolly good time effing the eff out of all your stuff.

Oh yeah, Godzilla’s got electrified spines on his back and an attractive lady person talking about his feats, that’s because Godzilla is awesome. Watch how his body emanates rays of pure light that then turn explosive and break some more of your puny human things. Pah, pathetic humans and your easily toppled constructions.

Maybe you want to attack Godzilla with fighter jets and crazy floating ships? Well, that won’t work because Godzilla is hard as nails. Maybe you’ll spend billions of your ridiculous human dollars to build a gigantic robotic Godzilla but that won’t work either (although please do that, because that would be awesome.)

Look, even this range of enormous dragon-like creatures can’t mess with Godzilla because Godzilla is here to lay the smack down and he doesn’t care who takes the pain. Worms, moths, giant camp robots that look like 1950s sci-fi creations, weird looking melted mutant owl things and flying triceratops: Godzilla don’t care.

Now Godzilla is going to destroy this oil refinery because you dared to doubt his skills. Look, there is goes. He’s coming for your PlayStation 3 next. Look out.

At least, that’s what I think he might be saying… I haven’t really thought about it.

Source: YouTube


  1. You should do news more often.

    • Either that or be sectioned. :-)

  2. How very Mmmmmmmatt Berry! Love it.

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