What We Played #182: Far Cry 4, GTA V & LittleBigPlanet 3

You know those weeks when you feel like you’ve played a lot but in reality, you’ve only played a lot of one game? That’s me this week; I’ve barely had time for LittleBigPlanet 3, and have mostly been focusing on Far Cry 4 for our review. I’ve also lacked time for the Binding of Isaac which has been sorely disappointing.

Oh, I got a dog too and so far all he does is sleep, walk, and go to the toilet. It’s an early review at the moment – I’ve heard that he has up to fifteen years of gameplay left in him – but I’m tentatively scoring him 8/10 because when he does wake up he can be a lot of fun despite the repetitive mechanics.

Tuffcub is enjoying GTA V on PS4, describing it as “lovely”, meanwhile he’s playing more Destiny and enjoying the “tweaks and improvements” which the latest patch has brought. On Vita, he’s gone for Borderlands 2, Minutes, and Tiny Troopers. Oh, and he’s also been playing even “more Destiny”.

Also lovely, as described by Teflon, is LittleBigPlanet 3. It’s buggy, though, as you might have seen from our stream. Beyond that, there has been “the wintry wartime strategising of Company of Heroes 2, the usual bouts of Destiny, a little dabbling with Driveclub and the chaotic mischief of Far Cry 4.”

I’ve also been setting up my fourth PS4 – well, kind of fourth – sticking a 2TB drive in there, getting in a muddle because of not having the right OS install file (I swear the full sized installer is only ~900MB and not ~200MB because it has The Playroom bundled in), and then slowly but surely installing all the games I own and getting them patched up.

He’s actually lying about it being his fourth PS4, by the way. But that’s just a technicality, and it’s a story for another time unfortunately. Still, it sounds like a bit of a pain, doesn’t it?

Peter played the Mario Kart 8 DLC with me and Tef. “t’s quite a lot of stuff for not very much money and the new tracks are – for the most part – great additions. I really like the concept and simplicity of the Excitebike track too.” If you’re not sure what that means, basically it’s quite a simple track but it’s randomly generated in terms of ramps and obstacles each time. Have a look at the trailer below.

He’s also fallen for Far Cry 4’s “open world madness”. “I’ve been distracted by exploration, side quests and other general messing about, rather than getting on with the story in a timely fashion. It’s ace though, if a little unfair about its animal attacks. I mean, those bastard eagles… what is their problem?”

Moving on to another game, he said, “It’s gorgeous, massive and just as much fun as always.” Can you guess what he’s talking about here? Of course, it’s GTA V, which he streamed for us earlier this week and wrote a little bit about too. “We’re going to get some beautiful screenshots from it now there’s the first person view and all the new lighting and textures.”

Aran has spent a startling 28 hours (later) in Shadow of Mordor. More impressively, he actually managed to squeeze some NBA 2K15 in too. He’s now in the starting lineup for the Atlanta Hawks, which isn’t bad for a rookie season. Apparently.

What has been served up on your gaming platters this week?



  1. The usual helping of Red Dead Redemption with gazzagb and Avengerr, just one more Advanced co-op mission to do to 100% the Co-op DLC (trophies).

    Started GTA5 on PS4, mainly to redeem my pre-order money, transfer my PS3 character and get all the online trophies to pop. There seems to be some great little touched that make it a little more than a re-mastered version, including the controls. I will return, but I wanted to get stuck-in to Far Cry 4 first.

    Done the few MP requirements on FC4 and enjoyed the Propaganda mode. Started the story last night, I really like it. The enemies can be tough at times too, which I recall was the case in FC2 too (I mostly skipped FC3). Looking forward to some co-op shenanigans this evening with kjkg.

    Still unable to get the last (“Extra Effort”) trophy on FIFA15 for the plat. Played a little FUT, trying to build a decent English “silver” team with some English youngsters. Clyne is about 14,000 coins though. :/

    Also ordered Minecraft on Vita, so I can see what all the fuss is about, plus my son keeps going on about it so he’ll be pleased.

  2. DriveClub, GTA V and Battle Islands, some freebie game I discovered the other day. It looks like a mobile game and it’s nothing special really but I’m getting a bit addicted to building my base.
    Oh, I also tried the new BF maps which I couldn’t get on with at all. I may have another attempt soon but for the time being I’m avoiding them like the plague.

    The photo mode in DriveClub is spot on so I’ve made a thread in the forums for DriveClub pics…


  3. After platting COD last week I picked up Diablo 3 to see what all the fuss was about, having never played a Diablo game before. I can see why it’s so addictive but that platinum seems a real chore… I’m having fun with the story and will probably get my character to lvl70 and complete hardcore mode, not sure I have the patience to aim for the platinum though. We’ll see :-)

    That’s literally all I’ve played this week, aside from a few short goes of Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer, but as suspected, I don’t enjoy it nearly as much with all the futuristic weapons, setting, and the jumping lark. A shame really, as the mechanics of it, the loadout settings, the interface etc, are all good and well implemented – if this was Ghosts gameplay (setting, weapons etc) with AW’s interface, challenges, loadout possibilities etc, it’d be near perfect for me. Nevermind

    Ah, they’ve FINALLY patched TWD Season 2 on PS4, so I’ll be playing through that this weekend. Something to look forward to! I also really need to return to Skyrim to finish it off…

    Curse all of you having fun on Far Cry 4! I’ve been banned from buying that or Dragon Age prior to Xmas :-( very disappointed as I’m itching to play FC4. If neither of those are under the tree on the 25th I’ll be mightily upset…!

  4. My copy of WWE 2k15 arrived a couple of days early (thanks Shopto!) so I’ve been playing that. Excellent game in my opinion and has overtaken “Here Comes the Pain” as my favourite wrestling game.
    Love the slower pace and the focus on managing your stamina, it makes for far more back-and-forth match ups.
    The lack of creation stuff is a real shame and some of the character models are better than others but I appreciate 2k have changed a lot in 1 year and I’d imagine just ran out of time. So long as that stuff comes back in next year’s game, I really don’t mind =]

    Fired up Bayonetta 2 as well but I guess I’m just not in the mood to play it at the moment. The gameplay is great like the first game, but the quirky story and general vibe just wasn’t gelling with me for some reason, so I’ve put it back on the shelf for now.

  5. Driveclub, tried out the new tracks, the scottish one is my favourite and i’m also enjoying the new photo mode.
    Binding of Isaac, but i think i’ll have to leave it for a bit now as i don’t seem to be making any progress since beating the first ’round’ of the game.
    Terraria, because i needed something to get me away from Minecraft.. Oh f**k, it’s a lot deeper than Minecraft .. :O
    And GTA V is looking great, probably spent an hour just train surfing and taking in the scenery last night :)

  6. Finally got the Platinum for Red Dead Redemption (my 4th plat) on Monday night after lots of hard work and plenty of grinding hideouts in MP.

    Since then I’ve played the first couple of missions in GTA V since it arrived with my PS4 on Tuesday. Does anyone know at what point I can start buying planes? Flying around is all I want to do!

    • Congrats in RDR plat mate, nicely done! :)

      Regarding planes in GTA, think you need to do some of Trevor’s story missions, which should eventually lead you to airfield missions!

    • Good to hear that you’ve plunged in and gone all next gen gazza, welcome to the noob club, although saying that I’ve also recently bought Playstation TV so at the moment inundated with new shiny’s and their accompanying learning curve shizz.
      Grats on the Red plat ;)

  7. AC Unity. I’m enjoying it. The framerate/glitch issues are practically non-existant in my experience. At first it seems like a step back from Black Flag, but to be honest, I think Black Flag was a sideways step, and Unity is a proper AC game. The new side missions are excellent, especially the rifts, murder mysteries and riddles. If you’re an AC fan, don’t be put off by all the Internet uproar.

    • I hate to admit it but you’re nearly selling it to me even though I vowed to avoid it because of the bugs and frame rate fiasco. Does it look as good as they say?
      Anyone know whether any supermarkets are doing this at a reasonable price? (PS4 version)
      I may consider picking it up on the way home, then again I’m enjoying roaming around GTA Online too so maybe I should wait.

  8. Playing AC: Unity which is very good. Paris is amazing and the bugs are are not a big issue. A bit of Ys on Vita as well, while waiting for GTAV to show up.

  9. I’ve got a load of essays coming up soon at uni so I’ve been binging on gaming this week.

    Played a lot of AC: Unity last weekend and it really is brilliant. Granted, the bugs are a bit annoying but without those it definitely is one of my favourite games in the series to date. I’m just happy that there’s no sodding sailing in the game like there was in 3 or Black Flag, I hated that.

    Otherwise, I’ve been pretty preoccupied with GTA V on the PS4. I hadn’t really played much of the online on PS3 but I’ve had a couple of decent sessions of that already and it is a lot of fun. We need to see about organising a 30 man TSA meet though.

    Had a little play of Far Cry 4 as well and that is very pretty. I’ll sink my teeth into it a bit more over this weekend coming I reckon – I just want to cause elephant mayhem!

    Playing some BF4 tonight in the TSA meet. We’re going to be tackling the new maps so that’s going to be a bundle of fun!

  10. Played through Halo ODST in Co-op, I liked it much more now returning to it, then I did originally. Perhaps because I actually used the map this time.

    At its highpoint it’s about as good as Halo gets, but it’s low points (dark confusing city segments, not all of it though) it’s the least Halo of all the Halos. Excluding Wars and Spartan Assault.

    Then I’ve been playing some (as in: most of yesterday) of the wonderful Dragon Age Inquisition. I restarted it twice, as I wasn’t satisfied with my characters. Now I’m rocking a MGSV Snake (Big Boss) lookalike. I just wish the American male voice actor was more believable, female British was so much better.

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