2015’s Assassin’s Creed Is Set In London, Called Victory

Kotaku is reporting that it has learnt that the next entry to the Assassin’s Creed franchise will be set in London, and is called Assassin’s Creed: Victory. The site is also reporting that there will be only one game to come from the series next year, which suggests Rogue may been the last PS3/ Xbox 360 release of an Assassin’s Creed title. Apparently Victory will take place in the Victorian Era, so you may end up dealing with Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and maybe Jack The Ripper. Apparently development duties have fallen to Ubisoft Quebec, with Montreal focusing on other things.

Some apparent images for the game have also found their way to Kotaku showing the Clock Tower that houses Big Ben, as well as fights atop stagecoaches, swinging through train stations, and changing clothes to avoid the authorities. Victory will be using the Anvil engine,the same one used in Unity. There’s no indication as to which part of the Victorian Era you’ll be playing in, who the protagonist is or what the story revolves around, though maybe it will have something to do with the Empire, which was at a high point during Victoria’s reign.


Now we have to wait and see how Victory’s launch goes, and if it will face the same problems Unity did across platforms that had to be patched post release, or if we’ll actually see a game working flawlessly out of the box, something which seems to be a bit of an issue this gen.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Well, that didn’t take long.

  2. Ffs Ubi slow the feck down!!! It seems to me that there is Unity and then season pass and now Rogue. Ubi has got to give the franchise a breathing room!

    • I agree mate. I’m not buying an AC game (despite quite liking them) as I still have an AC backlog – they release them too frequently!! And there’s no really desire to buy one as I know another one will come along quickly, and you know it won’t be that different from the previous one. The series could so with a little break, some decent development time (read: no bugs)and one which offers quite a few new features – then it would grab my attention!

  3. No wonder Unity was such a mess if this was being worked on too.

  4. In other news, Assassin’s Creed Victory will have a 2GB patch on day one which will add important paid-for content that never made it when the game went gold. It doesn’t matter that you paid for an incomplete game, because a patch makes it complete!

    In addition, Ubisoft [try to] sort out the numerous bugs and graphical glitches that did not show up one single bit during QA.

    Ahem, right then, going to copyright this news (can it be done???) and then make loads of money. So long losers :P

    • Unfortunately Ubisoft has already obtained copyright on your news, and the seven subsequent news stories that will come afterwards, along with a spinoff news story for Google Glasses.

      • You mean someone else saw this coming!!!

        And I thought I was being especially astute as well.

  5. Assassins Creed is quickly going the same way as Call of Duty. These games’d benefit from a helluva lot more cooking time but it seems they’re content to milk it for all its worth to ensure there’s a new AC game on the shelves every Xmas.


  6. I wonder if they’ll do as they’ve mentioned and slow down with the release to make sure the game is up to scratch. I’d be happy with a release every eighteen months to be honest.

  7. To be honest, I’m disappointed. An AC game called “Victory” and set in London made me think it might be set in the forties, late/post WWII, as hinted at by ACUnity’s time rifts. Would like to see how they handle a more (relatively) modern AC game, but then I guess the big problem would be guns.

  8. Due to the fact that I didn’t even play ACIV my reaction is: ‘Meh…’

    • Shame, AC4 is by far the best of the bunch in my opinion :-)

      • I want to get to it, but they are just so many open-world games in my backlog and too little time.
        Plus, I want a GOTY edition with all DLC included.

  9. You mean they aren’t releasing another one this year? Still 3 weeks left :O

    Also, yay London. But what about Egypt/Japan? Sure it pre-dates the Assassins/Templars but the story is a complete shambles now anyway. May as well give the fans what they want.

    • There’ll probably be another one next year, appropriately named Assassin’s Creed: Excessive.

    • Egypt?? Who the hell wants that? :O

      Endless running along sand dunes seems exceptionally pointless to me.

      • I dont mean present day Egypt… I’m talking about Ancient Egypt at the height of their civilization. Nobody wants to go to regular Egypt.

      • “Present day Egypt”? Is that what the Egyptians call Christmas day?
        A whole AC game based on Christmas day in Egypt would suck. Once you unwrap a camel & ride it around for a few hours it would be game over. You wouldn’t even be able to climb on a pyramid without sticking your hand in a used nappy & ducking out the way of flying KFC wrappers

    • There is a China in season pass!

  10. Hyped. Been hoping for a Victorian London AC game for ages. Love it.

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